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Federal Government Finally Speaks On School Resumption Date For Students Nationwide

Federal Government Finally Speaks On School Resumption Date For Students Nationwide

The federal government has finally spoken about school resumption for students nationwide. Every students before now have stayed at home for the past 6 months, since March. 

Meanwhile, the federal government has spoken with stakeholders and some ASUU cordinators over school reopening. All 36 states in Nigeria are taking every steps within their reach to make sure that schools are reopened in their state.

However, ASUU has made it hard for the federal government to decide on a specific date for school resumption due to the Covid 19 and the great threat it poses on students.

Still, there are several measures in which students can follow for schools to reopen. 

Note that the minister for education, Adamu Adamu made a move with other stakeholders to bring about a fixed date for school reoepning.

Unfortunately, all was to no avail. Students and parents have been clamoring for school reopening nationwide but it seems like the federal government isn't doing anything concerning it. 

Infact, there was a time students protested for schools to reopen and federal government should take drastical steps within its reach to reopen schools.

The good news is that the federal government declared publicly this month that schools nationwide should be ready for resumption. Some states have already declared school resumption date for students.

This resumption date will make students in that state resume school on that particular day and month.

In recent advancements, states like Oyo state, Lagos state, Rivers state and Ogun state have announced resumption date.

Which means if you are a student in those highlighted states, you are to resume this year.


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