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Anambra Teachers Recruitment Past Questions And Answers

Anambra Teachers Recruitment Past Questions And Answers

Anambra Teachers Recruitment Past Questions And Answers

Here are Anambra State Teachers Recruitment questions along with multiple-choice options and suggested answers:

What is the minimum educational qualification required for a teaching position in Anambra State?

a) Primary School Leaving Certificate

b) National Diploma (ND)

c) Bachelor's degree

d) Master's degree

Which of the following subjects is not included in the Anambra State curriculum?

a) Mathematics

b) English Language

c) Igbo Language

d) History of Nigeria

Anambra State Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is responsible for:

a) Monitoring school infrastructure

b) Conducting examinations

c) Recruiting and managing teachers

d) Providing school meals

What teaching method focuses on students' active participation in the learning process?

a) Lecturing

b) Memorization

c) Inquiry-based learning

d) Rote learning

In which year was Anambra State Teachers Service Commission established?

a) 1990

b) 2001

c) 2008

d) 2015

What is the retirement age for teachers in Anambra State?

a) 55 years

b) 60 years

c) 65 years

d) 70 years

Which government agency is responsible for funding public schools in Anambra State?

a) Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC)

b) National Teachers Institute (NTI)

c) National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE)

d) National Examinations Council (NECO)

What is the current student-teacher ratio recommended for effective learning in Anambra State?

a) 1:20

b) 1:30

c) 1:40

d) 1:50

The Anambra State Teachers' Handbook provides guidelines for:

a) Teachers' professional development

b) School infrastructure maintenance

c) Parent-teacher association meetings

d) Students' extracurricular activities

Which of the following assessment methods evaluates students' overall performance at the end of a term or academic year?

a) Continuous assessment

b) Formative assessment

c) Summative assessment

d) Diagnostic assessment

What is the official working language for teaching in Anambra State?

a) English

b) Igbo

c) Yoruba

d) Hausa

Anambra State Government provides free textbooks to public school students up to which level?

a) Primary 3

b) Primary 6

c) Junior Secondary School 3

d) Senior Secondary School 3

What is the primary responsibility of a subject teacher?

a) Monitoring students' behavior

b) Maintaining school facilities

c) Delivering lessons in a specific subject

d) Coordinating extracurricular activities

Which of the following is not a recognized teaching qualification in Anambra State?

a) Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE)

b) Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

c) Higher National Diploma (HND)

d) Master of Education (M.Ed.)

In which month do public schools in Anambra State typically resume for a new academic year?

a) January

b) April

c) September

d) November

Anambra State Teachers are expected to be role models for students by demonstrating:

a) Strong discipline

b) Exceptional sports skills

c) Proficiency in arts and crafts

d) Technological expertise

What is the maximum number of subjects a primary school teacher may be responsible for teaching?

a) 4

b) 6

c) 8

d) 10

Anambra State Teachers undergo periodic performance appraisal to:

a) Determine their promotion eligibility

b) Assess students' examination results

c) Select candidates for leadership positions

d) Identify schools in need of infrastructure upgrade

Which of the following qualities is not essential for effective teaching?

a) Patience

b) Empathy

c) Flexibility

d) Stubbornness


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