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Jss1 second term civic Education Past Questions and Answers

Jss1 second term civic Education Past Questions and Answers

Here are 20 Junior Secondary School 1 (JSS1) Civic Education questions with options and answers:

What is the full meaning of NAFDAC?
A) National Agency for Food and Drug Control
B) National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control
C) Nigerian Association for Food and Drug Control
D) National Agency for Food and Drug Compliance
Answer: B

What is democracy?
A) Rule by a single leader
B) Rule by a religious council
C) Rule by the military
D) Rule by the people
Answer: D

Who is the current President of Nigeria as of 2022?
A) Goodluck Jonathan
B) Muhammadu Buhari
C) Olusegun Obasanjo
D) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Answer: B

What is the primary purpose of the United Nations (UN)?
A) Promoting global trade
B) Maintaining international peace and security
C) Providing humanitarian aid
D) Supporting scientific research
Answer: B

What is the meaning of "Rule of Law"?
A) The government is above the law
B) Everyone is equal under the law
C) The law doesn't apply to the wealthy
D) The law is flexible and can change
Answer: B

Who has the power to declare war in a democratic country?
A) The President
B) The Military
C) The Parliament or Congress
D) The Police
Answer: C

Which of these is NOT a fundamental human right?
A) Right to education
B) Right to free speech
C) Right to steal
D) Right to life
Answer: C

What does the Nigerian National Pledge emphasize?
A) Loyalty to the government
B) Patriotism and unity
C) Religious freedom
D) The importance of money
Answer: B

What is the role of the judiciary in a democracy?
A) To make laws
B) To enforce laws
C) To interpret and apply laws
D) To create government policies
Answer: C

What is the main responsibility of the executive branch of government?
A) Making and passing laws
B) Enforcing laws and governing the country
C) Interpreting laws
D) Reviewing and amending laws
Answer: B

What is the symbol of peace in many cultures?
A) Dove
B) Snake
C) Spider
D) Scorpion
Answer: A

Which of the following is a civic duty for citizens in a democracy?
A) Paying taxes
B) Criticizing the government
C) Owning a gun
D) Reading books
Answer: A

What is the purpose of an election in a democracy?
A) To choose leaders and representatives
B) To sell products
C) To select the best football team
D) To create a monarchy
Answer: A

Who is responsible for making and passing laws in a democracy?
A) The military
B) The judiciary
C) The executive branch
D) The legislature
Answer: D

What is the legal age for voting in Nigeria?
A) 16 years
B) 18 years
C) 21 years
D) 25 years
Answer: B

What is the importance of the freedom of the press?
A) To make money
B) To entertain people
C) To inform the public and hold the government accountable
D) To promote a specific political party
Answer: C

Which of the following is a non-renewable resource?
A) Solar energy
B) Fossil fuels
C) Wind energy
D) Water
Answer: B

What is the main purpose of a constitution?
A) To outline the duties of the police
B) To provide a recipe for cooking
C) To establish the basic principles and laws of a country
D) To create a national anthem
Answer: C

What does "corruption" mean in the context of governance?
A) Honesty and transparency
B) Abuse of power for personal gain
C) Respect for human rights
D) Peaceful negotiations
Answer: B

Who is responsible for protecting and defending a country from external threats?
A) The citizens
B) The opposition party
C) The media
D) The military and defense forces
Answer: D.


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