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SS2 second Term biology Past Questions and Answers

SS2 second Term biology Past Questions and Answers

Biology questions with options and answers:

Question: What is the primary function of the circulatory system?

A) Respiration
B) Transportation
C) Digestion
D) Excretion
Answer: B) Transportation
Question: Which part of the human brain is responsible for coordination and balance?

A) Cerebrum
B) Cerebellum
C) Medulla oblongata
D) Thalamus
Answer: B) Cerebellum
Question: In which phase of the cell cycle does DNA replication occur?

A) G1 phase
B) S phase
C) G2 phase
D) M phase
Answer: B) S phase
Question: What is the function of the endocrine system?

A) Coordination and control
B) Nutrient absorption
C) Waste elimination
D) Support and protection
Answer: A) Coordination and control
Question: Which organelle is responsible for the synthesis of proteins in a cell?

A) Nucleus
B) Mitochondrion
C) Ribosome
D) Golgi apparatus
Answer: C) Ribosome
Question: The process of conversion of nitrogen gas into a usable form for plants is called:

A) Nitrogen fixation
B) Nitrification
C) Denitrification
D) Ammonification
Answer: A) Nitrogen fixation
Question: What is the main function of the gallbladder in the digestive system?

A) Producing digestive enzymes
B) Storing bile
C) Absorbing nutrients
D) Mixing food with saliva
Answer: B) Storing bile
Question: Which of the following is a characteristic of prokaryotic cells?

A) Presence of a nucleus
B) Membrane-bound organelles
C) No nuclear membrane
D) Larger size
Answer: C) No nuclear membrane
Question: What is the role of the enzyme lipase in digestion?

A) Protein digestion
B) Lipid digestion
C) Starch digestion
D) Nucleic acid digestion
Answer: B) Lipid digestion
Question: The process by which water is lost from plant leaves is called:

A) Transpiration
B) Photosynthesis
C) Respiration
D) Absorption
Answer: A) Transpiration
Question: Which type of blood vessels carry oxygenated blood away from the heart?

A) Veins
B) Arteries
C) Capillaries
D) Venules
Answer: B) Arteries
Question: In which part of the digestive system does the absorption of nutrients mainly occur?

A) Stomach
B) Small intestine
C) Large intestine
D) Esophagus
Answer: B) Small intestine
Question: What is the function of the iris in the human eye?

A) Vision
B) Color perception
C) Light regulation
D) Tear production
Answer: C) Light regulation
Question: Which of the following is an example of a renewable resource?

A) Coal
B) Natural gas
C) Solar energy
D) Petroleum
Answer: C) Solar energy
Question: The process of gamete formation is known as:

A) Fertilization
B) Meiosis
C) Mitosis
D) DNA replication
Answer: B) Meiosis
Question: What is the function of the nephron in the kidney?

A) Filtration of blood
B) Oxygen transport
C) Digestion
D) Absorption of nutrients
Answer: A) Filtration of blood
Question: Which gas is produced as a byproduct of photosynthesis?

A) Oxygen
B) Carbon dioxide
C) Nitrogen
D) Methane
Answer: A) Oxygen
Question: What is the role of mucus in the respiratory system?

A) Facilitating gas exchange
B) Trapping dust and pathogens
C) Producing sound
D) Oxygen transport
Answer: B) Trapping dust and pathogens
Question: The genetic material in a prokaryotic cell is located in the:

A) Nucleus
B) Mitochondrion
C) Ribosome
D) Nucleoid region
Answer: D) Nucleoid region
Question: Which hormone is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels?

A) Insulin
B) Estrogen
C) Testosterone
D) Adrenaline
Answer: A) Insulin


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