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Fishery WAEC past questions and answers

Fishery WAEC past questions and answers

What is aquaculture?

a) Harvesting wild fish
b) Farming fish
c) Fishing with nets
d) Fish conservation
Which of the following is a freshwater fish?

a) Salmon
b) Tuna
c) Catfish
d) Cod
What is overfishing?

a) Catching fish in excess of sustainable levels
b) Fishing during the offseason
c) Using advanced fishing techniques
d) Fishing in deep-sea areas
What is a fishery management plan designed to do?

a) Maximize profits for fishermen
b) Minimize fish populations
c) Ensure sustainable fishing practices
d) Encourage overfishing
Which fishing method is considered environmentally friendly?

a) Bottom trawling
b) Longlining
c) Dynamite fishing
d) Gillnetting
What is a fish stock assessment used for?

a) Marketing fish products
b) Estimating fish population size
c) Training fishermen
d) Creating fish habitats
Which factor contributes to bycatch in fisheries?

a) Selective fishing gear
b) Targeted fishing areas
c) Seasoned fishermen
d) Unintended capture of non-target species
What is a Fish Aggregating Device (FAD)?

a) A tool for catching sharks
b) A structure to attract fish
c) A type of fishing vessel
d) A fishing permit
Which international organization focuses on sustainable fisheries management?

a) WHO
b) FAO
d) WTO
What is the purpose of marine protected areas in fisheries management?

a) Encourage overfishing
b) Preserve fish habitats
c) Maximize fish catches
d) Promote fish farming
What is the term for the practice of releasing juvenile fish into the wild to enhance populations?
a) Overfishing
b) Stock enhancement
c) Fish migration
d) Fish poaching
Which factor contributes to illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing?
a) Strict fishing regulations
b) Lack of fishing technology
c) Weak enforcement of fishing laws
d) Abundance of fish stocks
What is the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act focused on?
a) Promoting overfishing
b) Managing U.S. fisheries
c) Banning fishing activities
d) Supporting aquaculture
Which of the following is a sustainable seafood certification program?
a) Red List
b) Blue Ocean Institute
c) Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
d) Fishery Conservation Alliance
What is the term for the practice of catching and using all fish of marketable size?
a) Sustainable fishing
b) Discarding
c) Selective harvesting
d) Total allowable catch
Which fishing gear is notorious for causing habitat damage?
a) Hooks and lines
b) Trawls
c) Seines
d) Spears
What does the term "byproduct" refer to in fisheries?
a) Fish caught unintentionally
b) Processed fish products
c) Sustainable fishing practices
d) Fishery management plans
What is bycatch reduction designed to minimize?
a) Targeted fish catch
b) Fishing effort
c) Unintended catch of non-target species
d) Fishermen's income
Which factor contributes to the depletion of fish stocks in many areas?
a) Strict fishing quotas
b) Climate change
c) Abundance of marine reserves
d) Sustainable fishing practices


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