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Fishery NECO past questions and answers

Fishery NECO past questions and answers

What is the purpose of a fishery quota?

a) Encourage overfishing
b) Limit the amount of fish that can be caught
c) Increase fishing effort
d) Promote selective harvesting
Which environmental factor affects fish migration patterns?

a) Wind speed
b) Ocean currents
c) Moon phases
d) Air temperature
What is the term for the area of the ocean where two different water masses meet?

a) Thermocline
b) Halocline
c) Upwelling
d) Front
What is the impact of overfishing on marine ecosystems?

a) Increased biodiversity
b) Improved water quality
c) Disruption of the food chain
d) Expansion of fish habitats
Which type of fishing gear involves dragging a cone-shaped net along the ocean floor?

a) Longline
b) Trawl
c) Gillnet
d) Seine
What is a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) aimed at achieving?

a) Reducing fish populations
b) Enhancing fishing regulations
c) Promoting overfishing
d) Improving the sustainability of a fishery
Which organization is responsible for managing fisheries in the European Union?

d) FAO
What is the term for the intentional release of fish fry or juveniles into a water body?

a) Stock enhancement
b) Fish transplantation
c) Overfishing
d) Discarding
How does eutrophication impact fisheries?

a) Increases fish populations
b) Enhances water clarity
c) Causes oxygen depletion, harming fish
d) Promotes sustainable fishing
What is the Magnuson-Stevens Act's primary focus in the United States?

a) Conservation and management of marine mammals
b) Regulation of recreational fishing
c) Sustainable management of fisheries
d) Promotion of deep-sea fishing
Which factor contributes to the success of a marine protected area (MPA)?

a) Allowing unrestricted fishing
b) Strict enforcement of fishing bans
c) Lack of biodiversity
d) Absence of fish migration routes
What is the purpose of a fishery observer program?

a) Encouraging illegal fishing
b) Monitoring and collecting data on fishing activities
c) Selling fish directly to consumers
d) Avoiding fishing regulations
Which environmental factor influences fish spawning seasons?

a) Air pressure
b) Moonlight
c) Soil composition
d) Wind direction
What is the significance of the Precautionary Approach in fisheries management?

a) Maximizing fish catches
b) Taking action before full scientific certainty is achieved
c) Ignoring environmental concerns
d) Encouraging overfishing
What is the role of a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for a fishery?

a) Promoting unsustainable fishing practices
b) Ensuring adherence to sustainable fishing standards
c) Reducing fish populations
d) Encouraging overfishing
What is the term for the unintended killing of marine species by fishing gear?

a) Discarding
b) Overfishing
c) Ghost fishing
d) Sustainable harvesting
Which fishing practice involves attracting fish using light at night?

a) Trawling
b) Longlining
c) Purse seining
d) FAD fishing
What is the impact of climate change on fisheries?

a) Promoting fish migration
b) Disrupting marine ecosystems
c) Increasing fish stock abundance
d) Eliminating the need for fishing regulations
What is the term for the process of rotating fishing areas to allow fish populations to recover?

a) Zoning
b) Trawling
c) Seasonal fishing
d) Spatial management
Which international agreement addresses illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing?

a) Kyoto Protocol
b) Paris Agreement
c) Port State Measures Agreement
d) Montreal Protocol


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