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Fishery JAMB past questions and answers

Fishery JAMB past questions and answers

What is the role of a Fishery Management Council?

a) Conducting fishing tournaments
b) Enforcing fishing bans
c) Developing and implementing fishery management plans
d) Selling fishing permits
Which type of aquaculture involves cultivating fish in land-based tanks or ponds?

a) Offshore aquaculture
b) Cage aquaculture
c) Pond aquaculture
d) Integrated multitrophic aquaculture
What is the term for the practice of catching and discarding non-targeted fish species?

a) Selective harvesting
b) Bycatch
c) Stock enhancement
d) Total allowable catch
How does bycatch impact marine ecosystems?

a) Enhances biodiversity
b) Causes habitat destruction
c) Promotes sustainable fishing
d) Improves water quality
Which fishing method involves using a net suspended vertically in the water to catch fish that swim into it?

a) Gillnetting
b) Seining
c) Trawling
d) Longlining
What is the purpose of a Fishery Closed Area?

a) Encouraging overfishing
b) Protecting critical fish habitats
c) Maximizing fish catches
d) Promoting illegal fishing
Which international organization is responsible for setting catch limits for tuna and other highly migratory species?

d) WWF
What is the term for the practice of capturing fish using explosives?

a) Bottom trawling
b) Dynamite fishing
c) Longlining
d) Seining
What is the purpose of a Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) initiative in fisheries?

a) Promoting overfishing
b) Balancing competing interests in ocean areas
c) Eliminating fish habitats
d) Encouraging illegal fishing
How does overcapacity in fishing fleets impact fisheries sustainability?

a) Promotes sustainable fishing practices
b) Reduces fishing effort
c) Leads to overfishing and depletion of fish stocks
d) Enhances fish habitats
What is the term for the practice of using sound waves to locate schools of fish?

a) Radar fishing
b) Echo sounding
c) Solar navigation
d) Magnetic fishing
Which factor contributes to the success of a Community-Based Fisheries Management (CBFM) approach?

a) Centralized decision-making
b) Local community involvement
c) Absence of fishing regulations
d) Overfishing incentives
What is the impact of ocean acidification on fisheries?

a) Enhances fish populations
b) Disrupts marine ecosystems and affects fish survival
c) Increases water clarity
d) Promotes sustainable fishing practices
Which type of aquaculture involves cultivating multiple species in the same ecosystem to create a balanced and sustainable environment?

a) Monoculture
b) Polyculture
c) Cage culture
d) Recirculating aquaculture
What is the significance of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries?

a) Promoting unsustainable fishing practices
b) Establishing guidelines for sustainable and responsible fishing
c) Encouraging overfishing
d) Eliminating fishing regulations
What is the term for the practice of gradually reducing fishing effort to allow fish populations to recover?

a) Overfishing
b) Sustainable fishing
c) Phased fishing
d) Fisheries rehabilitation
What role do Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) play in tuna fisheries?

a) Attracting sharks for observation
b) Enhancing coral reefs
c) Concentrating tuna for easier capture
d) Creating artificial fish habitats
How does the El Niño phenomenon impact fisheries?

a) Increases fish stock abundance
b) Causes unpredictable weather patterns affecting fish migration
c) Promotes sustainable fishing practices
d) Eliminates the need for fishing regulations
What is the term for the process of marking fish with tags for research and management purposes?

a) Stock enhancement
b) Tagging
c) Discarding
d) FAD deployment
Which factor is crucial for the success of a Fishery Co-Management system?

a) Absence of community involvement
b) Centralized decision-making
c) Strict enforcement without local input
d) Active participation of local communities in decision-making


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