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GOOD NEWS: Hope For School Reopening Boosted After Today's COVID-19 Updates

GOOD NEWS: Hope For School Reopening Boosted After Today's COVID-19 Updates

The corona virus situation in the country has been the sole impediment in the school reopening plans since closure back in March. 

The ministry of health together with stakeholders had decided that it was not yet safe for school to reopen until the situation is completely under control.

The cases had continued to soar for a very long time until recently when the curve appeared to be flattening.

Today, the country has recorded a total of 102 positive cases over the last 24 hours. This was from a sample of 2 668 tested in the last 24 hours. This means that the total positivity rate in the country for the last 24 hours is 3.8%.

This is a very good news on matters school reopening. This is because it is below the 5% that has been set by the World Health Organisation to be reached for a period of 14 days before any reopening is done.

The rate has been below 5% for a period of 4 straight days now. If the same happens in the same 10 days, then the country will have been able to manage the virus and reopening will be inevitable.

The CS for education Professor George Magoha said that they are considering the reopening of schools to be done in November if everything will go on as planned with the cases continuing to reduce.

The continued reduction in the number of COVID-19 cases rekindles the hope for schools reopening greatly. With two groups of learning institutions having been allowed to reopen, the rest are now waiting on the line and it is absolutely certain that they will also be given a go-ahead to reopen.


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