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Basic electronics waec past questions and answers

Basic electronics waec past questions and answers

Basic electronics questions with options and answers:

What does LED stand for?

A) Light Emitting Diode (Correct)
B) Long Electric Device
C) Light Energy Detector
D) Low Energy Display
Which component stores electrical charge?

A) Capacitor (Correct)
B) Resistor
C) Diode
D) Transistor
What unit is used to measure resistance?

A) Ohms (Correct)
B) Volts
C) Amperes
D) Watts
What does AC stand for in electrical terms?

A) Alternating Current (Correct)
B) Alternating Charge
C) Amperage Current
D) Alternating Capacitance
Which material is typically used as a semiconductor in electronics?

A) Silicon (Correct)
B) Aluminum
C) Copper
D) Gold
What does PCB stand for?

A) Printed Circuit Board (Correct)
B) Processed Computer Base
C) Plastic Coated Battery
D) Power Control Box
What is the purpose of a diode?

A) Allows current flow in one direction (Correct)
B) Regulates voltage
C) Stores charge
D) Amplifies signals
What is the SI unit for frequency?

A) Hertz (Correct)
B) Watt
C) Joule
D) Farad
What is the function of a resistor in a circuit?

A) Limits the flow of current (Correct)
B) Increases voltage
C) Stores energy
D) Acts as a switch
What device is used to increase or decrease voltage in a circuit?

A) Transformer (Correct)
B) Capacitor
C) Resistor
D) Diode
What does DC stand for in electrical terms?

A) Direct Current (Correct)
B) Direct Charge
C) Digital Circuit
D) Dual Capacitance
Which component amplifies or switches electronic signals?

A) Transistor (Correct)
B) Capacitor
C) Diode
D) Inductor
What law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points?

A) Ohm's Law (Correct)
B) Newton's Law
C) Faraday's Law
D) Boyle's Law
Which of these measures electrical potential difference?

A) Voltmeter (Correct)
B) Ammeter
C) Oscilloscope
D) Multimeter
What is the basic unit of capacitance?

A) Farad (Correct)
B) Ohm
C) Ampere
D) Volt
What is the function of an inductor in a circuit?

A) Stores energy in a magnetic field (Correct)
B) Limits current flow
C) Increases resistance
D) Regulates voltage
Which component allows current to flow in only one direction?

A) Diode (Correct)
B) Transistor
C) Capacitor
D) Resistor
What is the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance described by Ohm's Law?

A) V = IR (Correct)
B) V = I/R
C) V = R/I
D) V = I + R
What is the function of a capacitor in an electrical circuit?

A) Stores electrical charge (Correct)
B) Controls current flow
C) Increases resistance
D) Amplifies signals
Which material is a good conductor of electricity?

A) Copper (Correct)
B) Glass
C) Rubber
D) Wood


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