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All Students And Their Parents Should Not Miss This Vital Information As Schools Prepare To Reopen

All Students And Their Parents Should Not Miss This Vital Information As Schools Prepare To Reopen

School resumption is around the corner and many students are preparing hard just to make sure they are ready for school resumption. Parents are also doing their own quota by ensuring that their children's needs like bags, socks, school fees, and other fees are available.

Though the FG has not officially announced a new date for school resumption, some state governments have already done so.

Some state governments have not announced dates for school resumption in their states, but there is hope that states like these will finally set a date for school resumption soon.

As schools are preparing to reopen, every tiny bit of information concerning schools resumption is should not be underestimated as they are all very important to know.

This article will be exposing the minds of both students and their parents to vital information that they should be aware of concerning schools resumption. This vital information is sectioned and highlighted below.

- First of all, students, including their parents should know that there is still NO date for school resumption that has been announced by the Federal Government. The Federal Government has accepted that school management and state governments can start preparing for schools reopening.

Through the PTF on COVID-19, It ordered states around the country to carry out risk assessments to ensure that schools are prepared to reopen. When the FG finally gives a date for school reopening, you will be informed.

- Parents should know that their wards may not be allowed entry into schools without sporting a face mask. Parents may also not be allowed entry into schools due to social distancing measures.

- From the information received from various sources, it can be deduced that the third term for the 2019/2020 session may still hold. According to Premium Times news outlet, the Osun state government through its commissioner for information, Funke Egbemode, released a statement on the 31st of August on when schools in the state will resume and how it will happen.

It said that schools will begin with third term which will end in October.

Other states may want to follow suit and may allow schools in theAr own states do continue the third term for 2019/2020 academic session.

This is all the information that I can gather on school resumption but rest assured, if anything else comes up, you will surely get to know.


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