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READ: Schools Reopening Suffers A Major Setback After A New Development

READ: Schools Reopening Suffers A Major Setback After A New Development
When the first Corona virus case was recorded in the country president Uhuru Kenyatta in consultation with the ministry of health and education made a decision to close down all learning Institutions.

The high rate of crime, misbehavior and teenage pregnancy amongst the students made the human rights watch bodies to mount pressure on the government to reconsider to re-opening the Institutions of learning.

A few weeks ago the University chairpersons held a meeting and later took their grievances to parliament concerning the re-opening of the higher institutions of learning because the students are mature.

On the other hand parliament education committee has continued to push the cabinet secretary Education to reopen schools and allow students to sit for their KCSE and KCPE candidates sit for exams.

The reduction in the Covid-19 cases in the country had given many parents and students hope that schools could reopen very soon.

Speaking to People Daily, KSSHA chairman Indimuli maintained that schools cannot be re-opened despite of the reduction in the deaths because at the moment they cannot meet the requirements by the health ministry such as social 1 meter social distance and the government has been reluctant in ensuring the schools are prepared.


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