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Caritas University Hostel Fees, Dress Code

 Caritas University, situated in Amorji-Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria, stands as a prominent private institution established by the Catholic Church in 2004. This esteemed university offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, distinguishing itself as one of Nigeria’s most economical private universities.

Affordable On-Campus Accommodation:

One notable feature of Caritas University is its reasonable hostel fees, making it an attractive choice for students seeking affordable quality education. For first-year students (100 level), the cost of on-campus accommodation stands at N200,000 annually. For those at the second year level and beyond (200 level and above), the fee for on-campus lodging is N250,000 per year.

Dress Code Adherence:

Maintaining a conservative and respectful atmosphere, Caritas University enforces a strict dress code for students. This mandates the donning of clean, neat, and modest clothing at all times. The university prohibits clothing that is excessively revealing, tight-fitting, offensive, discriminatory, or associated with illegal activities. Straying from this dress code may result in corrective action or disciplinary measures.

Admission Requirements:

Aspiring students seeking admission to Caritas University should meet certain prerequisites. For 100 level admissions, candidates must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent, along with a minimum of five credits in subjects including English, Mathematics, and an additional subject.

Bright Career Prospects:

Graduates from Caritas University enjoy favorable job prospects, facilitated by the institution’s robust alumni network. This network aids graduates in securing promising roles in various domains, encompassing fields such as engineering, medicine, law, and business.

Application Process:

Individuals keen on joining Caritas University should follow a structured application procedure. This includes submitting an application form, official transcripts, and letters of recommendation. As part of the admission process, applicants are also required to take the university’s entrance examination. Application deadlines are typically set for December.

Financial Aid Opportunities:

Caritas University extends a range of financial aid options to students, including scholarships, grants, and loans. Those seeking further information about financial assistance can reach out to the university’s dedicated financial aid office.


For students aspiring to attain an exceptional education without straining their financial resources, Caritas University stands as a prime choice. The university’s adherence to a strict dress code, combined with its reasonable tuition, accommodation, and dining fees, makes it an appealing prospect. To explore the possibility of being a part of the Caritas University community, interested individuals are encouraged to connect with the admissions office for comprehensive details.


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