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Basic Science Scheme of work for JSS3 Third Term

Basic Science Scheme of work for JSS3 Third Term

Basic Science Scheme of work for JSS3 Third Term

Here is basic science scheme of work for JSS3 (Junior Secondary School, Grade 9) for the third term.

This scheme of work is a general guideline and can be adjusted to suit your needs:

Week 1: Introduction to Genetics and Heredity

Mendelian genetics
Punnett squares and inheritance patterns
Variation and genetic diversity

Week 2: Plant and Animal Adaptations

Adaptations of plants to their environment
Adaptations of animals to their environment
Behavioral adaptations

Week 3: Human Reproduction

Structure and function of the reproductive system
Menstrual cycle and ovulation
Fertilization and pregnancy

Week 4: Diseases and Health

Common diseases and their causes
Preventive measures for disease transmission
Personal hygiene and sanitation

Week 5: Environmental Pollution

Types and sources of pollution
Air pollution and its effects
Water pollution and its effects

Week 6: Energy and Energy Transfer

Forms of energy
Energy conversion and transfer
Renewable and non-renewable energy sources

Week 7: Force and Motion

Laws of motion
Types of forces
Motion and speed calculations

Week 8: Magnetism and Electricity

Magnetic materials and their properties
Electromagnetism and its applications
Electric circuits and symbols

Week 9: Introduction to Chemistry

Elements, compounds, and mixtures
States of matter and their properties
Chemical reactions and equations

Week 10: Revision and Assessment

Recap of all topics covered during the term
Practice exercises and review sessions
Assessment to evaluate students' understanding

Week 11:


This scheme of work provides a broad overview of the topics that can be covered during the third term of JSS3 basic science.


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