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SS2 English Scheme of work for Second Term

SS2 English Scheme of work for Second Term

SS2 English Scheme of work for Second Term

Below is an example of a Scheme of Work for the second term of Senior Secondary 2 (SS2) English Language. 

Term: Second Term
Class: SS2
Subject: English Language

Week 1:

Topic: Reading Comprehension Skills

Understanding different types of reading passages
Techniques for effective reading comprehension
Practicing comprehension exercises and questions

Week 2:

Topic: Vocabulary Development

Strategies for improving vocabulary
Word formation and word families
Synonyms, antonyms, and context clues

Week 3:

Topic: Grammar and Sentence Structure

Revision of tenses, including simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous tenses
Parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.
Sentence structure and sentence types

Week 4:

Topic: Writing Skills - Descriptive Writing

Elements of descriptive writing
Using sensory details and figurative language
Writing descriptive paragraphs and essays

Week 5:

Topic: Literature - Prose

Analysis of selected prose texts
Identifying themes, plot, and characters
Writing critical responses and summaries

Week 6:

Topic: Speaking and Listening Skills

Effective speaking techniques, including voice modulation, body language, and eye contact
Listening comprehension exercises and activities
Participating in group discussions and presentations

Week 7:

Topic: Writing Skills - Narrative Writing

Elements of narrative writing
Developing engaging storylines and characters
Writing short stories and narratives

Week 8:

Topic: Literature - Poetry

Analysis of selected poems
Identifying poetic devices and figurative language
Writing critical responses and interpretations

Week 9:

Topic: Writing Skills - Argumentative Writing

Elements of argumentative writing
Developing clear arguments and counterarguments
Writing persuasive essays and debates

Week 10:

Topic: Review and Assessment Preparation

Reviewing topics covered during the term

Week 11:



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