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Social Studies Scheme of work for JSS3 First Term

Social Studies Scheme of work for JSS3 First Term

Social Studies Scheme of work for JSS3 First Term

Social Studies Scheme of work for JSS3 First Term

Week 1: Introduction to Civics

Definition of civics and its importance
Distinction between civics and other social sciences
Rights and responsibilities of citizens
Role of citizens in a democratic society

Week 2: The Nigerian Constitution

Understanding the Nigerian Constitution
Key features and principles of the Nigerian Constitution
Fundamental human rights in the Constitution
Responsibilities of Nigerian citizens

Week 3: Structure of Government

Introduction to the three arms of government (Executive, Legislative, Judicial)
Functions and responsibilities of each arm
Separation of powers and checks and balances
Importance of a democratic system

Week 4: Local Government

Definition and functions of local government
Structure and organization of local government in Nigeria
Roles and responsibilities of local government officials
Importance of grassroots governance

Week 5: Elections and Political Participation

Importance of elections in a democratic society
Types of elections in Nigeria (e.g., presidential, gubernatorial, parliamentary)
Electoral process: registration, campaign, voting, and counting
Youth involvement in politics and civic engagement

Week 6: Human Rights and Responsibilities

Understanding human rights and their significance
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
Protecting and promoting human rights
Responsibilities of citizens towards human rights

Week 7: Citizenship and National Identity

Meaning and importance of citizenship
Factors that contribute to national identity
Nigerian national symbols and their significance
Promoting unity and patriotism

Week 8: Rule of Law and Justice System

Definition and principles of the rule of law
Nigerian justice system and the role of the judiciary
Access to justice and legal remedies
Rights of the accused and fair trial

Week 9: Social Issues and Community Development

Identifying social issues in the community
Importance of community development
Strategies for community development and improvement
Engaging in community service and volunteerism

Week 10: Review and Assessment

Recap of topics covered during the term
Class discussions and debates on key concepts
Summative assessment to evaluate students' understanding

Week 11:



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