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Social Studies Scheme of WORK for JSS3 Second Term

Social Studies Scheme of WORK for JSS3 Second Term

Social Studies Scheme of WORK for JSS3 Second Term

Here's a  scheme of work for JSS3 Social Studies for the second term. Please note that this can be adjusted based on your specific curriculum and school requirements.

Week 1: Citizenship Education

Understanding the concept of citizenship
Rights and responsibilities of citizens
Duties of citizens towards the nation
Importance of good citizenship

Week 2: Government and Politics

Introduction to government and politics
Types of government (democracy, monarchy, dictatorship, etc.)
Functions of government
Key political institutions (executive, legislative, judiciary)

Week 3: Political Systems

Democracy: Definition, features, and advantages
Authoritarian systems: Definition, features, and drawbacks
Comparison of different political systems
Importance of democracy in society

Week 4: Nigerian Constitution

Introduction to the Nigerian Constitution
Structure and contents of the Constitution
Fundamental human rights and their significance
Role of the Constitution in governance

Week 5: National Symbols and Identity

National symbols (flag, anthem, coat of arms, etc.)
Significance and meaning of national symbols
National identity and patriotism
Preserving and promoting national identity

Week 6: Population Studies

Introduction to population studies
Population distribution and density
Factors affecting population growth
Impacts of population growth on society

Week 7: Social Issues and Development

Poverty and inequality
Gender inequality and women empowerment
Education and literacy
Health and well-being

Week 8: Global Issues

Climate change and environmental sustainability
Human rights and social justice
Globalization and its effects
Peace and conflict resolution

Week 9: Culture and Cultural Diversity

Definition of culture and its elements
Cultural diversity in Nigeria and the world
Importance of cultural heritage
Promoting cultural tolerance and understanding

Week 10: Review and Assessment

Revision of key topics covered throughout the term
Practice exercises and quizzes
Summative assessment to evaluate students' understanding

Week 11:


This scheme of work provides a broad framework for teaching Social Studies in JSS3. It is important to adapt and customize the content to suit the specific needs of your students and align with your school's curriculum guidelines.


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