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2021 UTME: 4 Basic Things You Need to Learn Effectively Before Your Examination Day

As 2021 UTME Candidates continues their buckling down for the forthcoming UTME examination, ExamWeapo brings you some of the necessary things that every candidates needs to understudy effectively before this year UTME commence in few days time. Among them are explained thus; 1. All Candidates Must Strive to be Less Reliance on a Calculator:
One fact remains, UTME examination would never allow any scientific calculator from any candidate into the examination hall but definitely, every candidate would have access to a non-scientific calculator on their computers.

However, there is a likelihood that science students would not have access to some of the prominence functions of a calculator like tangent, cosines, sines, logarithms and the likes, thus, it is very important for candidates to memorize some of the basic trigonometric values of those functions before the examination day. For instance, a candidate may get stucked by not having access to a particular cosine value on the examination day if not effectively learnt ahead of the examination. 2. Learn How to Combine Speed with Accuracy:
To pass examination like UTME effectively, it's not sufficient to be brilliant, speed is also a very necessary ingredient. However, all students preparing for UTME should always use a timer when practising UTME questions, by doing this, their level of effectiveness would be duely revealed to them before their examination day. 3. Learn How to Answer Questions Effectively with a Computer:
Honestly speaking, you do not need to be a computer expert before enrolling for UTME. Believe me, everything you are going to need on your examination day is a mouse and four keys (A, B, C, D) on the keyboard. So, instead of taking much time to click your answer with a mouse, you can alternatively use Keys A, B, C and D to chose between options A to D depending on your choice of answer. 4. Learn How to Calmly Interprete Questions:
I must be sincere with you, interpreting some UTME questions might not be an easy task especially, for some technical questions. However, remaining calm is key in getting questions interpreted correctly. Also, it must be noted that getting one of the answers in the option does not necessarily mean that it is the correct answer, So, Candidates should always strive to double-check the message in the question before drawing any conclusion about the final answer.


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