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WARNING PHOTOS: Employee Arrested For Cutting Off Her Boss’ Preeq (See What Happened)

A bar worker in Spain has reportedly been arrested after she cut off her boss’s preeq following an alleged rape attempt.
It was reported that the woman sliced off her boss’s genitals after he allegedly attempted to rape her on Monday night, June 2, at Sant Andreu de la Barca outside Barcelona. The woman in her 30s, whose identity was not revealed, then called the police and said she was trying to fight off the alleged rapist, Daily Mail reports.

A Mossos d’Esquadra police force spokesperson confirmed the arrest saying that “a woman has been arrested for a crime of wounding following an incident around midnight at a bar in Sant Andreu de la Barca.” ‘The arrest happened in the early hours of this morning.’

A source added:- ‘The woman was the one who contacted police to explain what had happened.

She said she had cut off her boss’s preeq as he tried to sexually assault her.

‘Her claims are being investigated and the bar owner may be arrested once the hospital say he is well enough to be questioned.’

The man was also reportedly arrested for sexual assault following the woman’s allegations, with sources telling the Daily Mail that the boss had raped her multiple times over a span of months. The outlet reports that it was not clear if doctors could reattach the man’s sliced penis following the incident when he was rushed to Bellvitge Hospital, a public hospital in l’Hospitalet de Llobregrat. The woman is being held at a nearby police station while detectives have also opened an investigation into her claims of sexual assault.


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