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UTME: 4 Key Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid on the Examination Day

As this year Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) commence in few days time, ExamWeapon has taken this moment to share some of the crucial mistakes all candidates should strive to avoid on the examination day to increase their chance of succeeding in the examination. Among the prominent ones are explained thus; 1. Don't Try to Render or Seek Help From Your Fellow Candidate During the Examination: Gone are the days when candidates could escape punishment for getting involved in unruly behavior during JAMB examinations. However, with the presence of CCTV Cameras all over the examination centres nowadays, it's advisable for every candidates to stick to the pros and cons of the examination to avoid being a scape goat. Should any challenge pops up during the examination, candidate should learn to inform the invigilators at the exam venue rather than engaging fellow candidate in a conversation as this may implicate both candidates during CCTV review of the examination centre. 2. Don't Waste Time on Difficult Question: UTME like every other examination, is an examination where time consciousness is one of the necessary ingredients in passing the examination, however, it's advisable for every candidates to avoid getting caught with difficult questions as this may reduce their chances of passing the examination, mainly as result of not getting enough time with the simpler questions. 3. Don't Click an Answer Until You've Make Your Final Decision: There are two ways candidates can be affected with this. Firstly, it's not every UTME questions that has a correct answer, so, candidate who click any option for these types of questions are likely to be penalized. However, since candidate would never be able to unclick a question after answering it, the candidate would be adjudged automatically wrong for answering such question. Secondly, Clicking an answer for a question gives candidate an impression that he or she has solved the question(s) when reviewing unanswered questions, however, it becomes difficult for candidate to trace such question in the process, thus, having no choice than to stick with the wrong decision earlier made. So, it's advisable for candidates to avoid clicking an answer for a particular question until their final decision has been made. 4. Don't Arrive Late at The Test Centre: Honestly speaking, This factor has its way of affecting candidates performance in an examination. This is because getting to the examination venue earlier allows candidate to relax and stay calm during the examination unlike another Candidate who rushed himself to the examination venue. So, it's very important to avoid getting late to the examination centre on your UTME examination day.


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