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IMPORTANT Notice On JAMB Late Registration Process

Recall that the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) further extended the sales of her Jamb UTME and DE form for another two weeks (June 15, 2021).

This Extension has taken effect already but there are some certain changes you might not be aware of during this strenuous process. 1. This new jamb Extension form, Jamb already gave it a name and it's the Jamb Late Registration form.

2. The use of Jamb Electronic Pin (E-pin) will no longer be used for this exercise.

3. To get the form, you are expected to visit any bank branch and go to raise a bank draft in the name of the Joint Admission and Matriculation board. For this, we learned that this is more like an impossible mission because not all banks at the moment are raising bank draft for jamb. So you walk into as many banks to get the draft. 4. The JAMB fee remains #4000... But as a result of the bank draft that will be used, you are more likely to pay additional charges of #400- #600 as the case may be.

5. Once the bank draft has been generated, you are expected to visit only JAMB state offices Nationwide to submit the bank draft.

6. A jamb Official will attend to you and give you a form to fill which will be filled with the hand and submitted back to the jamb official then a photocopied material will be given back. 7.We learned that if there is service at the point of filling the form jamb would give you a printout of your jamb slip but if not you. Will be told when to come back and obtain your jamb document.

8. At any point you get to the jamb office you are expected to submit your NIN Slip, Bank Draft, Recent passport, and your phone number linked to your NIN.

9. Request for your Novel the life-changer so you can begin to study. 10. The Registration you are embarking on right now, you are excluded from the June 19th, 2021 - July 3rd, 2021 Examination. There will be a Mop-up Examination later in the year to be announced by Jamb. There will be no further Extensions after the June 15th, 2021 deadline.


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