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End Time Human Parts Seller Arrested In Ibadan, See Fresh Human Part, Charms And Weapons Found In His Possession

Veteran Radio Broadcaster, Hamzat Oriyomi in a combined effort with his team- Oriyomi Hamzat Rescue Mission, a team of Amotekun Operatives and other vigilante outfits have been able to apprehend a suspenctd human parts seller in Ibadan, Oyo State. Oriyomi discloses the name of the suspect as one Rasheed Mutiu. Together with his team, Oriyomi reveals that they carried out an exclusive interview for roughly three weeks without informing the authorities, in order to get their facts right about the suspect. After trailing the suspect for over 3 weeks, they caught him carrying out the nefarious acts, unknowing to him that he was being monitored.

Oriyomi said they discovered where the suspect was burying different human parts to cover his tracks, they found the place where he stored water used in bathing a dead body, his charms and other things. Oriyomi says they had to immediately call for security back-up whey they discovered these things. They contacted the Amotekun Vigilantes to come and monitor the incident because they do not know if the suspect has some influential people sponsoring him.

He said they could not call the Police because they were scared, so they called the Amotekun Operatives. On getting there, the Amotekun Operatives helped uncovering some of the things he had buried in shallow graves. Oriyomi also shares the video footage which shows the moment the Amotekun Operatives arrived the scene. The suspect initially denied that he did not bury any human parts but after digging, they found a human head that the suspect had buried in a shallow grave. They also found other human parts like human hand kept in a container, human skull amongst others. Some of the weapons that were found in his possessions include no fewer than 6 guns, different knives, machetes, and some other weapons that could not be immediately identified. Also, several charms were found in the suspect’s possession. The suspect claimed that what he does is to dig graves and cut human parts which he later sells for buyers.

However, people did not buy his story because they found no fewer than 6 guns in his possession and they said he could not have been using those guns to dig graves only. Surprisingly, Oriyomi Hamzat said barely two days after the suspect was arrested, his legal representative showed up and claimed that they do not have any right to arrest him. According to Oriyomi, the man claims to be the Lawyer and he has been paid to represent the suspect.


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