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Jss2 third Term music Past Questions and Answers

Jss2 third Term music Past Questions and Answers

Questions with options and answers for JSS2 students:

What is the lowest-pitched member of the brass family?
A) Trumpet
B) French horn
C) Trombone
D) Tuba
Answer: D) Tuba

Which term is used to describe a group of singers or vocalists who perform together?
A) Orchestra
B) Ensemble
C) Choir
D) Quartet
Answer: C) Choir

Who is known for the famous album "Back in Black"?
B) Metallica
C) Guns N' Roses
D) Nirvana
Answer: A) AC/DC

In music notation, which note has a duration half of a whole note?
A) Whole note
B) Half note
C) Quarter note
D) Eighth note
Answer: B) Half note

What type of scale consists of five whole steps and two half steps and is commonly used in Western music?
A) Chromatic scale
B) Pentatonic scale
C) Major scale
D) Minor scale
Answer: C) Major scale

Who is known for the hit song "Imagine"?
A) John Lennon
B) Bob Dylan
C) Jimi Hendrix
D) Bob Marley
Answer: A) John Lennon

Which instrument is known for its slide and is often associated with blues music?
A) Violin
B) Guitar
C) Harmonica
D) Trombone
Answer: B) Guitar

What is the term for the rapid alternation between two adjacent notes in a musical piece?
A) Glissando
B) Trill
C) Arpeggio
D) Legato
Answer: B) Trill

Who is known for the album "The Dark Side of the Moon"?
A) Pink Floyd
B) Led Zeppelin
C) The Rolling Stones
D) The Who
Answer: A) Pink Floyd

What is the Italian term for "very loud" in music notation?
A) Forte
B) Piano
C) Mezzo
D) Pianissimo
Answer: A) Forte

What is the name of the string instrument known for its deep, resonant tone and is played with a bow?
A) Violin
B) Cello
C) Harp
D) Clarinet
Answer: B) Cello

Who is known for the famous song "Smells Like Teen Spirit"?
A) Pearl Jam
B) Red Hot Chili Peppers
C) Nirvana
D) Soundgarden
Answer: C) Nirvana

Which famous composer is known for the "Ride of the Valkyries"?
A) Ludwig van Beethoven
B) Richard Wagner
C) Johannes Brahms
D) Franz Liszt
Answer: B) Richard Wagner

In music theory, what is the term for the first note of a scale?
A) Dominant
B) Tonic
C) Subdominant
D) Mediant
Answer: B) Tonic

What does the term "duet" mean in music?
A) A composition for two voices or instruments
B) A slow tempo
C) A solo performance
D) A loud dynamic
Answer: A) A composition for two voices or instruments

What type of drum is often used to maintain a steady beat in a band or ensemble?
A) Bass drum
B) Snare drum
C) Tom-tom
D) Bongo drum
Answer: B) Snare drum

Who is known as the "Queen of Pop"?
A) Madonna
B) Britney Spears
C) Lady Gaga
D) Whitney Houston
Answer: A) Madonna

Which musical term indicates a gradual decrease in volume?
A) Crescendo
B) Staccato
C) Fortissimo
D) Decrescendo
Answer: D) Decrescendo

Who is known for the iconic song "Sweet Child o' Mine"?
A) Aerosmith
B) Guns N' Roses
C) Bon Jovi
D) Def Leppard
Answer: B) Guns N' Roses

What is the term for the organization of beats into regular groups in music?
A) Rhythm
B) Tempo
C) Melody
D) Harmony
Answer: A) Rhythm


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