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Jss2 first term basic Technology past questions and answers

Jss2 first term basic Technology past questions and answers

20 basic technology questions for JSS2 (Junior Secondary School 2) students along with options and answers:

What does CPU stand for?
a) Central Processing Unit (Answer)
b) Computer Programming Unit
c) Central Power Unit
d) Control Panel Unit

Which component of a computer is responsible for displaying images on the screen?
a) RAM
b) GPU (Answer)
c) HDD
d) CPU

Which device is used to input data into a computer system?
a) Monitor
b) Keyboard (Answer)
c) Printer
d) Speaker

What is the primary function of an operating system?
a) Printing documents
b) Running applications (Answer)
c) Charging the battery
d) Creating folders

Which of the following is a type of software?
a) Keyboard
b) Mouse
c) Microsoft Word (Answer)
d) Monitor

What does URL stand for?
a) Uniform Resource Locator (Answer)
b) Universal Reference Language
c) User Resource Link
d) United Router Locator

Which programming language is commonly used for web development?
a) Python
b) Java
c) HTML (Answer)
d) C++

What is the function of a modem?
a) Modifying images
b) Modulating and demodulating signals (Answer)
c) Monitoring network traffic
d) Modeling 3D objects

What does HTML stand for?
a) Hyperlink Text Markup Language
b) High-Technology Multimedia Language
c) Hypertext Markup Language (Answer)
d) Hardware Testing Markup Language

Which of the following is a computer hardware component?
a) Windows
b) USB Flash Drive (Answer)
c) Microsoft Office
d) Google Chrome

Which of these is a type of input device?
a) Headphones
b) Microphone (Answer)
c) Speakers
d) Monitor

Which programming language is known for its use in game development?
a) Java
b) C# (Answer)
c) Ruby

What is the main purpose of a firewall in a computer network?
a) Printing documents
b) Blocking unauthorized access (Answer)
c) Managing email accounts
d) Creating spreadsheets

Which component of a computer stores data even when the power is turned off?
a) RAM
b) Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
c) ROM (Read-Only Memory) (Answer)
d) CPU

What does the abbreviation "PDF" stand for?
a) Portable Document Format (Answer)
b) Personal Data File
c) Printed Document File
d) Public Data Folder

Which type of software is designed to protect a computer from viruses and malware?
a) Web browser
b) Antivirus software (Answer)
c) Video editing software
d) Music player

What is the function of an email client?
a) Playing games
b) Sending and receiving emails (Answer)
c) Editing videos
d) Creating spreadsheets

Which of the following is an example of a peripheral device?
a) Operating System
b) Printer (Answer)
c) Word Processor
d) Spreadsheet Software

What is the purpose of a computer's motherboard?
a) To display images
b) To store data
c) To connect and power other hardware components (Answer)
d) To create documents

What is the primary function of a search engine like Google?
a) Playing music
b) Finding information on the internet (Answer)
c) Editing photos
d) Sending emails


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