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Jss2 second Term music Past Questions and Answers

Jss2 second Term music Past Questions and Answers

Music questions with options and answers for JSS2 students:

What is the term for a series of musical notes played in a sequence that forms a recognizable melody?
A) Chord
B) Harmony
C) Melody
D) Rhythm
Answer: C) Melody

Which classical composer is known for his "Moonlight Sonata"?
A) Ludwig van Beethoven
B) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
C) Johann Sebastian Bach
D) Franz Schubert
Answer: A) Ludwig van Beethoven

What is the primary function of the bass guitar in a band?
A) Play lead melodies
B) Provide rhythm and harmony
C) Create percussion sounds
D) Sing lead vocals
Answer: B) Provide rhythm and harmony

In music, what does the term "crescendo" indicate?
A) A gradual decrease in volume
B) A sudden loud dynamic change
C) A pause in the music
D) A gradual increase in volume
Answer: D) A gradual increase in volume

Who was known as the "The King of Rock 'n' Roll"?
A) Chuck Berry
B) Elvis Presley
C) Buddy Holly
D) Little Richard
Answer: B) Elvis Presley

Which instrument has the nickname "ax" in the context of rock and roll music?
A) Guitar
B) Drums
C) Keyboard
D) Bass guitar
Answer: A) Guitar

What is the term for a musical composition for nine voices or instruments?
A) Solo
B) Duet
C) Trio
D) Nonet
Answer: D) Nonet

Who is the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen?
A) Freddie Mercury
B) Roger Taylor
C) Brian May
D) John Deacon
Answer: C) Brian May

What is the highest-pitched member of the woodwind family?
A) Flute
B) Clarinet
C) Oboe
D) Bassoon
Answer: A) Flute

What does the term "acapella" mean in music?
A) A fast tempo
B) Without accompaniment
C) With a strong beat
D) In a minor key
Answer: B) Without accompaniment

Which famous pop singer is known for the albums "Dangerous" and "Thriller"?
A) Prince
B) Michael Jackson
C) David Bowie
D) Elton John
Answer: B) Michael Jackson

What is the name of the device that helps musicians stay in tune by producing a reference pitch?
A) Metronome
B) Tuner
C) Capo
D) Harmonica
Answer: B) Tuner

In a standard drum kit, what is the name of the largest drum with a deep sound?
A) Snare drum
B) Bass drum
C) Tom-tom
D) Hi-hat
Answer: B) Bass drum

Which genre of music is often associated with the electric guitar and distortion effects, and is known for its loud and aggressive sound?
A) Classical
B) Jazz
C) Rock
D) Reggae
Answer: C) Rock

Who composed the famous piece "The Nutcracker"?
A) Ludwig van Beethoven
B) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
C) Johann Strauss II
D) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Answer: B) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

What is the name of the structure that repeats in many popular songs and is typically referred to as the song's catchy part?
A) Chorus
B) Bridge
C) Verse
D) Pre-chorus
Answer: A) Chorus

Which musical term indicates a sudden, strong accent on a note or chord?
A) Staccato
B) Legato
C) Vibrato
D) Crescendo
Answer: A) Staccato

Who is known for the iconic song "Bohemian Rhapsody"?
A) Led Zeppelin
B) The Rolling Stones
C) Queen
D) The Beatles
Answer: C) Queen

What is the name of the device used to change the pitch of a brass instrument?
A) Valve
B) Reed
C) Mouthpiece
D) Slide
Answer: A) Valve

Which musical symbol indicates that a note should be played shorter than its full duration?
A) Fermata
B) Slur
C) Tie
D) Staccato
Answer: D) Staccato


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