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Jss2 first term music Past Questions and Answers

Jss2 first term music Past Questions and Answers

Here are 20 music questions suitable for JSS2 students, along with options and answers:

What is the symbol used in sheet music to indicate silence?
A) Treble clef
B) Rest
C) Time signature
D) Key signature
Answer: B) Rest

Which of the following is a woodwind instrument?
A) Trumpet
B) Violin
C) Flute
D) Trombone
Answer: C) Flute

What does the term "tempo" refer to in music?
A) Volume
B) Speed
C) Pitch
D) Melody
Answer: B) Speed

Which family of instruments does the piano belong to?
A) String
B) Brass
C) Woodwind
D) Percussion
Answer: A) String

What is the highest male singing voice?
A) Soprano
B) Alto
C) Tenor
D) Bass
Answer: C) Tenor

In which musical time signature does each measure contain four beats?
A) 2/4
B) 3/4
C) 4/4
D) 6/8
Answer: C) 4/4

Who is known as the "King of Pop"?
A) Elvis Presley
B) Michael Jackson
C) Madonna
D) The Beatles
Answer: B) Michael Jackson

Which famous composer was deaf in his later years?
A) Ludwig van Beethoven
B) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
C) Johann Sebastian Bach
D) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Answer: A) Ludwig van Beethoven

What is the term for the highness or lowness of a sound in music?
A) Rhythm
B) Tempo
C) Pitch
D) Harmony
Answer: C) Pitch

Who composed "The Four Seasons"?
A) Ludwig van Beethoven
B) Johann Sebastian Bach
C) Antonio Vivaldi
D) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Answer: C) Antonio Vivaldi

What is the purpose of a conductor in an orchestra?
A) Play the lead instrument
B) Control the lighting
C) Direct and lead the musicians
D) Sell tickets
Answer: C) Direct and lead the musicians

Which genre of music originated in Jamaica and features a prominent offbeat rhythm?
A) Blues
B) Reggae
C) Jazz
D) Country
Answer: B) Reggae

Which famous female artist released the album "1989"?
A) Beyoncé
B) Adele
C) Taylor Swift
D) Lady Gaga
Answer: C) Taylor Swift

In which music era did the composer Johann Sebastian Bach live?
A) Baroque
B) Classical
C) Romantic
D) Modern
Answer: A) Baroque

What is the name for a group of musicians who play together, often with a conductor?
A) Band
B) Choir
C) Orchestra
D) Ensemble
Answer: C) Orchestra

Which of these instruments is a member of the brass family?
A) Violin
B) Clarinet
C) Trumpet
D) Piano
Answer: C) Trumpet

Who is often referred to as the "Queen of Soul"?
A) Whitney Houston
B) Aretha Franklin
C) Diana Ross
D) Etta James
Answer: B) Aretha Franklin

What is the standard tuning for a classical guitar?
A) E-A-D-G-B-E
B) D-G-B-E-A-D
C) C-F-A-D-G-C
D) G-C-E-A-D-G
Answer: A) E-A-D-G-B-E

Which musical symbol is used to indicate a gradual decrease in volume?
A) Crescendo
B) Staccato
C) Fortissimo
D) Decrescendo
Answer: D) Decrescendo

Who is known for the hit song "Billie Jean"?
A) Prince
B) Michael Jackson
C) David Bowie
D) Elton John
Answer: B) Michael Jackson


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