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Jss1 second Term music Past Questions and Answers

Jss1 second Term music Past Questions and Answers

Here are 20 music questions for a JSS1 (Junior Secondary School 1) level, along with multiple-choice options and answers:

Which of the following is a wind instrument?
a) Violin
b) Flute
c) Drums
d) Piano
Answer: b) Flute

What is the main purpose of a metronome in music?
a) Tuning instruments
b) Measuring tempo
c) Recording music
d) Amplifying sound
Answer: b) Measuring tempo

What does "forte" mean in musical notation?
a) Fast
b) Soft
c) Loud
d) Slow
Answer: c) Loud

Which of the following is a percussion instrument?
a) Guitar
b) Trumpet
c) Xylophone
d) Saxophone
Answer: c) Xylophone

What is the most common time signature in music?
a) 2/4
b) 3/4
c) 4/4
d) 6/8
Answer: c) 4/4

Who is known as the "King of Pop"?
a) Michael Jackson
b) Elvis Presley
c) Bob Marley
d) Prince
Answer: a) Michael Jackson

Which family of instruments includes the trumpet and trombone?
a) String
b) Woodwind
c) Brass
d) Percussion
Answer: c) Brass

Which musical term means to gradually get louder?
a) Crescendo
b) Decrescendo
c) Staccato
d) Legato
Answer: a) Crescendo

Who composed the famous symphony "Ode to Joy"?
a) Beethoven
b) Mozart
c) Bach
d) Vivaldi
Answer: a) Beethoven

What is the highest female singing voice?
a) Soprano
b) Alto
c) Tenor
d) Baritone
Answer: a) Soprano

Which instrument is often referred to as the "king of instruments"?
a) Violin
b) Flute
c) Piano
d) Harmonica
Answer: c) Piano

In music, what does "Allegro" indicate?
a) Slow tempo
b) Fast tempo
c) Quiet dynamics
d) High pitch
Answer: b) Fast tempo

Who was a famous American jazz trumpeter and vocalist known for his unique style?
a) Louis Armstrong
b) Jimi Hendrix
c) Miles Davis
d) John Coltrane
Answer: a) Louis Armstrong

Which genre of music is known for its roots in Jamaica and features offbeat rhythms?
a) Blues
b) Reggae
c) Country
d) Hip-hop
Answer: b) Reggae

What is the primary function of the conductor in an orchestra?
a) Play a solo instrument
b) Conduct the audience
c) Lead and direct the musicians
d) Sell tickets
Answer: c) Lead and direct the musicians

Which term describes the simultaneous sounding of two or more notes to create harmony?
a) Melody
b) Chord
c) Rhythm
d) Tempo
Answer: b) Chord

What is the smallest unit of music that has its own identity and is a complete musical thought?
a) Note
b) Rest
c) Bar
d) Scale
Answer: a) Note

Who is known for his iconic song "Imagine" and his contributions to peace and social activism?
a) John Lennon
b) Bob Dylan
c) Elton John
d) Paul McCartney
Answer: a) John Lennon

Which famous composer is known for his "Fur Elise" composition?
a) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
b) Ludwig van Beethoven
c) Johann Sebastian Bach
d) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Answer: b) Ludwig van Beethoven

What is the primary role of the bassoon in an orchestra?
a) Lead the orchestra
b) Play high-pitched melodies
c) Provide a deep and resonant bass sound
d) Conduct the orchestra
Answer: c) Provide a deep and resonant bass sound


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