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Jss1 third Term music Past Questions and Answers

Jss1 third Term music Past Questions and Answers

Music questions for a JSS1 level, along with multiple-choice options and answers:

What is the term for a group of musicians who perform together, typically under the direction of a conductor?
a) Band
b) Choir
c) Orchestra
d) Ensemble
Answer: c) Orchestra

Which musical term indicates that a note should be played smoothly and connected?
a) Staccato
b) Legato
c) Crescendo
d) Decrescendo
Answer: b) Legato

What is the lowest male singing voice?
a) Tenor
b) Baritone
c) Bass
d) Alto
Answer: c) Bass

Who is known for his iconic guitar playing and hits like "Purple Haze" and "Hey Joe"?
a) Eric Clapton
b) Jimi Hendrix
c) B.B. King
d) Carlos Santana
Answer: b) Jimi Hendrix

Which of the following is a woodwind instrument?
a) Trumpet
b) Clarinet
c) Cello
d) Harp
Answer: b) Clarinet

What is the standard tuning for a violin's strings from lowest to highest pitch?
a) E, A, D, G
b) G, D, A, E
c) A, E, G, D
d) D, G, E, A
Answer: a) E, A, D, G

In which music genre would you commonly find a banjo as part of the ensemble?
a) Jazz
b) Bluegrass
c) Classical
d) Hip-hop
Answer: b) Bluegrass

What is the purpose of a music stand?
a) To hold sheet music
b) To amplify sound
c) To play percussion
d) To conduct an orchestra
Answer: a) To hold sheet music

Who was a famous composer known for his "Nutcracker Suite" and "Swan Lake" ballets?
a) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
b) Ludwig van Beethoven
c) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
d) Johann Sebastian Bach
Answer: c) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Which musical instrument is also known as the "skin drum"?
a) Trumpet
b) Violin
c) Djembe
d) Clarinet
Answer: c) Djembe

What is the standard number of strings on a classical guitar?
a) 4
b) 6
c) 8
d) 12
Answer: b) 6

What is the term for a musical work written for a single instrument or voice?
a) Ensemble
b) Concerto
c) Solo
d) Duet
Answer: c) Solo

Who is often referred to as the "Queen of Pop" and is known for hits like "Like a Virgin" and "Material Girl"?
a) Whitney Houston
b) Madonna
c) Janet Jackson
d) Mariah Carey
Answer: b) Madonna

What is the function of the sustain pedal on a piano?
a) Increase volume
b) Silence the piano
c) Sustain the sound of the notes
d) Change pitch
Answer: c) Sustain the sound of the notes

Which famous composer is known for his "Four Seasons" concertos?
a) Antonio Vivaldi
b) Johann Sebastian Bach
c) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
d) Franz Schubert
Answer: a) Antonio Vivaldi

In music, what does "adagio" indicate?
a) Fast tempo
b) Slow tempo
c) Loud dynamics
d) Short duration
Answer: b) Slow tempo

Which brass instrument is often used to play the "Last Post" at military funerals?
a) Trumpet
b) Tuba
c) French horn
d) Trombone
Answer: a) Trumpet

Who is known for his contributions to electronic music and hits like "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Open Arms"?
a) David Bowie
b) Phil Collins
c) Journey
d) Stevie Wonder
Answer: c) Journey

Which term refers to the speed or pace at which a piece of music is performed?
a) Key
b) Rhythm
c) Tempo
d) Pitch
Answer: c) Tempo

What is the main function of the conductor's baton in an orchestra?
a) To direct traffic
b) To point at musicians
c) To keep time and signal cues
d) To play percussion
Answer: c) To keep time and signal cues


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