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Iyi-Enu School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

Iyi-Enu School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

Which of the following is an essential component of a patient's medical record?
A) Nurse's personal notes
B) Billing information
C) Patient's medical history (Answer)
D) Hospital cafeteria menu

What is the primary goal of wound irrigation in nursing care?
A) To moisten the wound
B) To remove necrotic tissue
C) To cleanse and promote healing (Answer)
D) To provide pain relief

What is the recommended way to calculate a patient's body mass index (BMI)?
A) Height in inches divided by weight in pounds
B) Weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared (Answer)
C) Weight in pounds multiplied by height in inches
D) Height in meters divided by weight in kilograms

When assessing a patient's level of consciousness, what does "A" stand for in the AVPU scale?
A) Alert (Answer)
B) Anxious
C) Apathetic
D) Agitated

Which of the following is a key principle of aseptic technique in nursing?
A) Frequent handwashing
B) Avoiding personal protective equipment (PPE)
C) Creating a contaminated environment
D) Preventing the introduction of microorganisms into a sterile field (Answer)

What is the most common type of isolation precaution for patients with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)?
A) Contact precautions (Answer)
B) Airborne precautions
C) Droplet precautions
D) Standard precautions

Which type of nursing care is focused on providing comfort and support to patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families?
A) Palliative care (Answer)
B) Primary care
C) Preventive care
D) Curative care

What is the primary purpose of the 6 "Rights" of Medication Administration in nursing?
A) To restrict patient access to medications
B) To ensure medication accuracy and safety (Answer)
C) To minimize medication costs
D) To expedite the medication administration process

Which of the following is a common early sign of hypoxia (inadequate oxygen levels) in a patient?
A) Elevated blood pressure
B) Cyanosis (bluish skin or lips) (Answer)
C) Excessive sweating
D) High fever

What is the primary purpose of the Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship in nursing practice?
A) To promote the nurse's personal interests
B) To ensure patients follow hospital rules
C) To facilitate the delivery of patient-centered care (Answer)
D) To minimize patient communication

Which type of medication administration route involves injecting medication into the fatty tissue just beneath the skin?
A) Intramuscular (IM)
B) Intravenous (IV)
C) Subcutaneous (SC) (Answer)
D) Oral (PO)

What is the main role of a registered nurse (RN) in a healthcare team?
A) Providing direct patient care (Answer)
B) Administering anesthesia
C) Conducting surgical procedures
D) Interpreting radiological images

Which of the following assessments is critical for preventing falls in older adults?
A) Reviewing medical history
B) Checking for skin conditions
C) Evaluating balance and gait (Answer)
D) Counting respiratory rate

What does the acronym PPE stand for in healthcare settings?
A) Personal Patient Evaluation
B) Patient Preparation Equipment
C) Personal Protective Equipment (Answer)
D) Prescription for Patient Encouragement

What is the primary function of the nursing process in patient care?
A) Recording patient observations
B) Administering medications
C) Providing a systematic framework for delivering patient care (Answer)
D) Billing patients for medical services

Which of the following blood pressure readings would be considered hypertension (high blood pressure)?
A) 110/70 mmHg
B) 130/80 mmHg
C) 150/90 mmHg (Answer)
D) 120/80 mmHg

What is the purpose of the SOAP note format in nursing documentation?
A) To write personal reflections on patient care
B) To record patient data in a structured, organized manner (Answer)
C) To communicate with insurance companies
D) To store information for the patient's personal use

Which nursing intervention is essential when caring for a patient with a nasogastric tube (NGT)?
A) Frequent suctioning of the tube
B) Ensuring the tube remains above the level of the stomach (Answer)
C) Allowing the patient to eat normally
D) Removing the NGT during sleep

What is the primary purpose of the Snellen eye chart in nursing?
A) To assess hearing loss
B) To evaluate lung function
C) To test visual acuity (Answer)
D) To measure blood pressure

In nursing, what does the acronym ADPIE represent?
A) Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation (Answer)
B) Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Infection, Elevation
C) Admission, Discharge, Patient, Information, Exercise
D) Apprehension, Documentation, Prescription, Intubation, Examination


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