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Rivers State College of Health Past Questions and Answers

Rivers State College of Health Past Questions and Answers

What is the normal range for adult heart rate at rest?
A) 60-80 bpm (Answer)
B) 100-120 bpm
C) 40-60 bpm
D) 150-170 bpm

Which vital sign is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg)?
A) Respiratory rate
B) Body temperature
C) Blood pressure (Answer)
D) Pulse oximetry

What is the purpose of administering a diuretic to a patient?
A) Lowering blood sugar
B) Reducing pain
C) Increasing blood pressure
D) Promoting diuresis (Answer)

Which of the following positions is commonly used for patients with difficulty breathing?
A) Trendelenburg
B) Prone
C) Fowler's (Answer)
D) Supine

When assessing a patient's pain, which pain scale is commonly used in clinical practice?
A) Visual Analog Scale (VAS) (Answer)
B) Richter Scale
C) Richter Pain Scale
D) Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NPRS)

What is the purpose of the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)?
A) To assess pain levels
B) To measure respiratory function
C) To assess neurological status (Answer)
D) To determine cardiac output

Which of the following is a sign of infection?
A) Erythema (redness) and warmth (Answer)
B) Pale skin
C) Decreased heart rate
D) Increased blood pressure

What type of isolation precautions are recommended for a patient with tuberculosis (TB)?
A) Contact precautions
B) Airborne precautions (Answer)
C) Droplet precautions
D) Standard precautions

Which professional organization sets standards for nursing practice in the United States?
A) WHO (World Health Organization)
B) ANA (American Nurses Association) (Answer)
C) CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
D) AHA (American Hospital Association)

Which of the following is a common medication administered to reduce fever and relieve pain?
A) Antibiotics
B) Insulin
C) Aspirin (Answer)
D) Epinephrine

What does the acronym ABC stand for in nursing?
A) Always Be Cautious
B) Airway, Breathing, Circulation (Answer)
C) Allergic Reaction, Blood Clot, Bacterial Infection
D) Abdominal Binders and Compression

Which type of diabetes is often referred to as "juvenile diabetes" and typically requires insulin therapy?
A) Type 1 diabetes (Answer)
B) Type 2 diabetes
C) Gestational diabetes
D) Pre-diabetes

What is the primary purpose of the Hippocratic Oath in healthcare?
A) To maintain patient confidentiality
B) To prioritize the needs of the hospital
C) To guide ethical behavior and patient care (Answer)
D) To promote cost-effective treatment

What is the recommended handwashing duration for effective hand hygiene?
A) 5 seconds
B) 10 seconds
C) 20 seconds (Answer)
D) 30 seconds

Which type of wound healing occurs when a wound is clean, free of infection, and closed with sutures or staples?
A) Primary intention (Answer)
B) Secondary intention
C) Tertiary intention
D) Delayed intention

What is the most common mode of transmission for healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)?
A) Vector-borne transmission
B) Airborne transmission
C) Contact transmission (Answer)
D) Foodborne transmission

In which area of the body would you find the popliteal pulse?
A) Neck
B) Wrist
C) Behind the knee (Answer)
D) Ankle

Which of the following is a symptom of shock?
A) High blood pressure
B) Rapid, weak pulse (Answer)
C) Increased body temperature
D) Slow, deep breathing

What is the purpose of the Braden Scale in nursing care?
A) To measure blood pressure
B) To assess skin integrity and risk of pressure ulcers (Answer)
C) To evaluate lung function
D) To determine fluid balance

What is the primary role of a nurse in medication administration?
A) Prescribing medications
B) Diagnosing medical conditions
C) Administering medications safely and accurately (Answer)
D) Performing surgery


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