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Basketry NABTEB past questions and answers

Basketry NABTEB past questions and answers

20 basketry-related questions:

Which material is commonly used in making the "splints" for basket weaving?
a) Bamboo
b) Rattan
c) Plastic
d) Nylon
Answer: b) Rattan

What is the term for a small, narrow strip of material used in basket weaving?
a) Warp
b) Weft
c) Skein
d) Splint
Answer: d) Splint

Which ancient civilization is known for its intricate basketry artifacts, often discovered in burial sites?
a) Aztec
b) Mayan
c) Incan
d) Olmec
Answer: b) Mayan

What type of basket typically has a lid and is used for storing sewing materials?
a) Sewing Basket
b) Crafting Basket
c) Artisan Basket
d) Wicker Basket
Answer: a) Sewing Basket

Which term refers to the structural base of a basket that everything is built upon?
a) Frame
b) Foundation
c) Core
d) Baseboard
Answer: b) Foundation

What material is commonly used for the weft in basket weaving?
a) Willow
b) Reed
c) Seagrass
d) Jute
Answer: c) Seagrass

Which culture is known for its intricate and colorful coil basketry, often made with yucca or pine needles?
a) Hopi
b) Navajo
c) Apache
d) Pueblo
Answer: b) Navajo

What term describes the method of shaping a basket by pressing it against a mold while it's still wet?
a) Molding
b) Forming
c) Shaping
d) Smoothing
Answer: b) Forming

What type of basket is specifically designed to carry bottles, often wine or champagne?
a) Bottle Basket
b) Wine Carrier
c) Beverage Basket
d) Flask Holder
Answer: b) Wine Carrier

Which technique involves intertwining multiple strands of material diagonally to create a pattern?
a) Plaiting
b) Coiling
c) Twining
d) Ribbing
Answer: a) Plaiting

Which civilization is believed to have used basketry in creating fishing traps and containers for agriculture?
a) Ancient Greece
b) Ancient Rome
c) Ancient Egypt
d) Ancient China
Answer: c) Ancient Egypt

What is the name for a basket designed to hold and display flowers?
a) Bouquet Basket
b) Vase Basket
c) Floral Basket
d) Flower Holder
Answer: a) Bouquet Basket

Which term describes a basket made from a single, unbroken material like a looped willow branch?
a) Seamless Basket
b) Circular Basket
c) Loop Basket
d) Coil Basket
Answer: a) Seamless Basket

What material is commonly used to create decorative patterns or borders on baskets?
a) Leather
b) Ribbon
c) Fabric
d) Raffia
Answer: d) Raffia

Which culture is known for its intricate quillwork on birchbark baskets?
a) Iroquois
b) Cherokee
c) Sioux
d) Mohawk
Answer: a) Iroquois

What term describes a basketry technique where the weaving material is wrapped around spokes in a radial pattern?
a) Ribbing
b) Plaiting
c) Twining
d) Spoking
Answer: a) Ribbing

Which type of basket is traditionally used for storing bread?
a) Bread Basket
b) Bakery Basket
c) Loaf Holder
d) Dough Basket
Answer: a) Bread Basket

What is the name for a basket designed to carry and hold sewing or knitting yarn?
a) Yarn Basket
b) Thread Holder
c) Skein Carrier
d) Spool Basket
Answer: a) Yarn Basket

Which technique involves weaving together multiple layers of material to create a thick, sturdy basket?
a) Layering
b) Sandwiching
c) Double-Weaving
d) Reinforcing
Answer: c) Double-Weaving

What type of basket is often used for gathering and carrying fruit from orchards or gardens?
a) Harvest Basket
b) Orchard Basket
c) Fruit Basket
d) Garden Carrier
Answer: c) Fruit Basket


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