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UTME Fishery Questions and Answers

UTME Fishery Questions and Answers

UTME Fishery Questions and Answers

Here are 20 UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) fishery questions along with options and the correct answers:

Which of the following is not a traditional method of fish preservation?
a) Smoking
b) Salting
c) Freezing
d) Drying
Correct answer: c) Freezing

Fish that are characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton belong to which class?
a) Osteichthyes
b) Chondrichthyes
c) Agnatha
d) Reptilia
Correct answer: b) Chondrichthyes

Which of the following is an example of a marine fish?
a) Tilapia
b) Catfish
c) Salmon
d) Carp
Correct answer: c) Salmon

Fish obtain oxygen for respiration through their:
a) Gills
b) Lungs
c) Skin
d) Stomach
Correct answer: a) Gills

What is the main purpose of a fish ladder?
a) To prevent fish from migrating
b) To facilitate fish migration
c) To capture fish for breeding
d) To provide food for fish
Correct answer: b) To facilitate fish migration

Which fish farming method involves the cultivation of fish in tanks or ponds?
a) Aquaponics
b) Cage culture
c) Mariculture
d) Pond culture
Correct answer: d) Pond culture

What is the process of removing unwanted fish from a fish population called?
a) Stocking
b) Harvesting
c) Sorting
d) Culling
Correct answer: d) Culling

The harvesting of fish from the wild is known as:
a) Aquaculture
b) Mariculture
c) Capture fisheries
d) Integrated fish farming
Correct answer: c) Capture fisheries

Which of the following is a primary factor affecting fish reproduction?
a) Water temperature
b) Fish feed quality
c) pH level of water
d) Size of the fish tank
Correct answer: a) Water temperature

Which of the following is a common method of fish identification?
a) Counting scales
b) Measuring weight
c) Observing fins
d) Examining color patterns
Correct answer: d) Examining color patterns

Which fish disease is caused by parasitic flatworms?
a) Ichthyophthiriasis
b) Aeromoniasis
c) Gyrodactylosis
d) Streptococcosis
Correct answer: c) Gyrodactylosis

Fish waste that accumulates in aquaculture systems is known as:
a) Mulch
b) Silt
c) Sludge
d) Sediment
Correct answer: c) Sludge

Which of the following is a typical characteristic of a saltwater fish?
a) Kidney-like swim bladder
b) Hypotonic body fluids
c) Osmoregulation through gills
d) Freshwater tolerance
Correct answer: c) Osmoregulation through gills

The process of extracting eggs and sperm from fish for artificial reproduction is called:
a) Spawning
b) Fertilization
c) Brooding
d) Stripping
Correct answer: d) Stripping

What is the primary purpose of using fish feed in aquaculture?
a) To increase fish growth rate
b) To enhance fish coloration
c) To control fish diseases
d) To improve fish reproduction
Correct answer: a) To increase fish growth rate

Which of the following is an example of a bony fish?
a) Shark
b) Tuna
c) Eel
d) Stingray
Correct answer: b) Tuna

The practice of breeding and raising fish in a controlled environment is known as:
a) Mariculture
b) Aquaculture
c) Fishery
d) Aquaponics
Correct answer: b) Aquaculture

Which of the following fishing gears is used to catch fish near the water surface?
a) Trawl net
b) Gill net
c) Longline
d) Purse seine
Correct answer: d) Purse seine

What is the process of removing dissolved gases from water known as?
a) Aeration
b) Filtration
c) Oxygenation
d) Deaeration
Correct answer: d) Deaeration

The study of fish and their habitats is known as:
a) Ichthyology
b) Herpetology
c) Ornithology
d) Mammalogy
Correct answer: a) Ichthyology

I hope these questions help you in your preparation for the UTME fishery exam!


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