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Social studies scheme of work for jss3 third term

Social studies scheme of work for jss3 third term

Social studies scheme of work for jss3 third term

Here's a scheme of work for Social Studies in JSS3 (Junior Secondary School 3) for the third term:

Week 1: Citizenship Education

• Meaning and importance of citizenship education

• Rights and responsibilities of citizens

• National symbols and their significance

• Citizenship and the rule of law

Week 2: Nigerian Government and Constitution

• Structure and functions of the Nigerian government

• The three arms of government: executive, legislative, and judiciary
The Nigerian constitution and its features

• Fundamental human rights in the Nigerian constitution.

Week 3: Political Parties and Elections

• Meaning and importance of political parties

• Types of political parties in Nigeria

• Roles and functions of political parties

• Electoral processes and procedures in Nigeria

Week 4: Nigerian Economy

• Basic concepts of economics

• Natural resources and their importance to the Nigerian economy

• Major sectors of the Nigerian economy: agriculture, industry, and services
Economic challenges and solutions in Nigeria

Week 5: Population and Migration

• Population dynamics: birth rate, death rate, and population growth.

• Causes and consequences of population growth.

• Types of migration: internal and international migration.

• Impacts of migration on individuals, communities, and countries.

Week 6: Cultural Heritage and Tourism

• Cultural heritage and its significance
Traditional festivals and their importance.

• Historical monuments and sites in Nigeria.

• Importance of tourism to the Nigerian economy.

Week 7: Environmental Conservation

• Meaning and importance of environmental conservation

• Types of pollution: air, water, and land pollution

• Climate change and its impacts

• Strategies for environmental conservation and sustainability

Week 8: Global Issues

• Globalization and its effects on Nigeria
International organizations and their roles.

• Human rights and global conflicts
Nigeria's participation in global affairs.

Week 9: Revision and Assessment

• Classwork and Revision

Week 10: Review and Examination Preparation

• Review of all topics covered during the term.

• Practice exercises and discussions.

• Examination preparation strategies and tips

Week 11: Examination

• Conduction of school examination

Week 12: Project and Presentation

• Students work on a social studies project related to a selected topic of interest.
They conduct research, gather information, and create a presentation.
Presentation of projects to the class and discussion.


This scheme of work is designed for a 12-week term which represent 3 month for a secondary school term. However, depending on your school's academic calendar and the specific number of weeks allocated for the term, you may need to adjust the topics and duration accordingly.


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