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Third Term Scheme of work for Agricultural Science SS1

Third Term Scheme of work for Agricultural Science SS1

Third Term Scheme of work for Agricultural Science SS1

Subject: Agricultural Science
Class: SS1 (Senior Secondary School 1)
Duration: One Term (12 weeks)

Week 1:

Topic: Introduction to Agricultural Science

Definition and scope of Agricultural Science
Importance of Agricultural Science
Historical development of Agriculture
Career opportunities in Agricultural Science

Week 2:

Topic: Agricultural Tools and Equipment

Classification and uses of agricultural tools and equipment
Maintenance and storage of tools and equipment
Safety precautions in using agricultural tools and equipment

Week 3:

Topic: Soil Science

Definition and importance of soil
Soil formation and types of soil
Physical properties of soil
Soil fertility and management practices

Week 4:

Topic: Crop Production I

Classification of crops
Factors affecting crop production
Preparation of land for crop production
Planting methods and techniques

Week 5:

Topic: Crop Production II

Crop improvement and breeding
Crop rotation and intercropping
Weed control methods
Pest and disease control in crop production

Week 6:

Topic: Livestock Production I

Types and breeds of livestock
Animal nutrition and feeding
Housing and management practices for livestock
Animal health and disease control

Week 7:

Topic: Livestock Production II

Reproduction and breeding in livestock
Livestock health management and vaccination
Record keeping in livestock production
Marketing and economics of livestock production

Week 8:

Topic: Fisheries and Aquaculture

Importance of fisheries and aquaculture
Types of fish and fish farming systems
Fish feed and feeding practices
Fish diseases and management in aquaculture

Week 9:

Topic: Agricultural Economics

Definition and importance of agricultural economics
Supply and demand in agricultural markets
Agricultural policies and subsidies
Farm management and planning

Week 10:

Topic: Agricultural Extension and Services

Definition and importance of agricultural extension
Types of agricultural extension services
Role of extension agents
Farm visits and demonstrations

Week 11:

Topic: Agroforestry and Agro-processing

Definition and importance of agroforestry
Agroforestry systems and practices
Agro-processing and value addition in agriculture
Post-harvest handling and storage

Week 12:

Topic: Agricultural Entrepreneurship

Definition and importance of agricultural entrepreneurship
Identifying and evaluating agricultural business opportunities
Business planning and management in agriculture
Success factors and challenges in agricultural entrepreneurship

Week 13:



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