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Civic Education Scheme of work for JSS3 Second Term

Civic Education Scheme of work for JSS3 Second Term

Civic Education Scheme of work for JSS3 Second Term

Here's a scheme of work for the Civic Education subject in the second term of Junior Secondary School 3 (JSS3):

Subject: Civic Education
Class: JSS3
Term: Second Term

Week 1: Introduction to Citizenship and Nationalism

Definition of citizenship and nationalism
Rights and responsibilities of citizens
Importance of citizenship and nationalism
Activities: Classroom discussions, group work, and case studies

Week 2: Nigerian Constitution

Overview of the Nigerian Constitution
Preamble and fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy
Fundamental human rights and duties of citizens
Activities: Reading and analysis of the Nigerian Constitution, quizzes, and debates

Week 3: Democracy and Good Governance

Understanding democracy and its principles
Types of democracy (representative, direct, etc.)
Role of citizens in a democratic society
Activities: Role-play, simulation exercises, and class presentations

Week 4: Rule of Law and Justice

Concept of the rule of law
Importance of the rule of law in society
Administration of justice and the legal system
Activities: Case studies, discussions, and visits to the courthouse (if possible)

Week 5: Human Rights and Social Justice

Understanding human rights and their importance
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Human rights violations and advocacy
Activities: Debates, group discussions, and documentary screenings

Week 6: Civic Responsibilities and National Development

Responsibilities of citizens in nation-building
Active citizenship and civic engagement
Sustainable development goals (SDGs)
Activities: Community service projects, group presentations, and panel discussions

Week 7: Civic Education and Media Literacy

Importance of media literacy in civic education
Types of media and their influence
Evaluating media messages and sources
Activities: Media analysis, creating media campaigns, and guest speakers (journalists/media professionals)

Week 8: Citizenship Education and Conflict Resolution

Understanding conflict and its causes
Strategies for conflict resolution
Peacebuilding and reconciliation
Activities: Role-plays, case studies, and group projects on conflict resolution

Week 9: Review and Assessment

Comprehensive review of the term's topics
Revision exercises and quizzes
Assessment (class test or examination)


The time allocation for each topic may vary based on the duration of your school's terms and the pace of teaching.


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