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Social Studies Scheme of WORK for JSS3 Second Term

Social Studies Scheme of WORK for JSS3 Second Term

Scheme of Work for JSS3 Social Studies - Second Term

Social Studies Scheme of WORK for JSS3 Second Term

Week 1: Introduction to Civics and Citizenship

Definition and importance of civics and citizenship
Rights and responsibilities of citizens
Functions and types of government
Democratic and non-democratic systems of government

Week 2: Nationalism and Patriotism

Meaning and importance of nationalism and patriotism
Examples of national heroes and their contributions
The Nigerian national anthem, pledge, and symbols
Promoting national unity and cohesion

Week 3: Democracy and Governance

Definition and features of democracy
Democratic principles and values
Levels of government (local, state, national)
Separation of powers and checks and balances

Week 4: Rule of Law and Human Rights

Concept of the rule of law
Importance of human rights
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Protecting and promoting human rights

Week 5: Nigerian Constitution

Introduction to the Nigerian Constitution
Preamble and fundamental objectives
Citizenship and fundamental human rights
Structure and functions of the three arms of government

Week 6: Political Parties and Elections

Meaning and importance of political parties
Roles and functions of political parties
Electoral process and types of elections
Voter education and civic responsibilities during elections

Week 7: Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development

Definition and importance of global citizenship
Sustainable development goals (SDGs)
Environmental conservation and climate change
Promoting peace and global cooperation

Week 8: Culture and Cultural Diversity

Definition of culture and cultural diversity
Importance of cultural heritage
Nigerian cultural diversity and festivals
Respecting and appreciating cultural differences

Week 9: Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

Causes and consequences of conflicts
Strategies for resolving conflicts peacefully
Promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence
Role of individuals and communities in peacebuilding

Week 10: Revision and Assessment

Review of key concepts and topics covered
Practice exercises and quizzes
Class discussions and group activities
Summative assessment

Week 11:



Note: This is a suggested scheme of work and can be adjusted based on the specific curriculum requirements and time available for teaching Social Studies in JSS3.


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