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SS2 Scheme of work for Second Term

SS2 Scheme of work for Second Term

SS2 Scheme of work for Second Term

Here's is scheme of work for the second term of SS2 (Senior Secondary 2) based on a typical curriculum.

Subject: English Language

Week 1: Writing Skills

Introduction to different types of essays (narrative, descriptive, argumentative)
Understanding the structure and components of an essay
Practice writing paragraphs and short essays
Peer review and feedback

Week 2: Grammar and Syntax

Revision of basic grammar rules (tenses, parts of speech, subject-verb agreement)
Advanced sentence structures (complex and compound sentences)
Practice exercises and quizzes
Application of grammar rules in writing tasks

Week 3: Comprehension and Critical Reading

Strategies for effective reading and comprehension
Analyzing and interpreting literary texts
Vocabulary development through reading
Practice exercises on comprehension questions

Week 4: Oral Communication Skills

Speaking and listening activities
Public speaking techniques and strategies
Debate and discussion on current affairs
Group presentations and peer evaluation

Week 5: Poetry

Introduction to different forms of poetry (sonnet, haiku, free verse)
Analysis and interpretation of selected poems
Creative writing exercises (writing own poems)
Poetry recitation and performance

Week 6: Drama

Study of a selected play (Shakespearean or contemporary)
Character analysis and understanding of dramatic elements
Role-playing and scene interpretation
Group performances and reflection

Week 7: Writing Skills

Research skills and citing sources
Argumentative essay writing
Crafting a thesis statement
Incorporating evidence and supporting arguments

Week 8: Literature

Study of a novel or a collection of short stories
Analysis of themes, characters, and literary devices
Critical appreciation and discussion
Writing book reviews and reflections

Week 9: Vocabulary and Language Skills

Vocabulary building activities
Idioms, proverbs, and their usage
Commonly confused words and their distinctions
Vocabulary quizzes and crossword puzzles

Week 10: Revision and Assessment Preparation

Review of all topics covered in the term
Practice exercises and sample questions
Mock exams and assessment preparation
Individual consultations and clarification of doubts

Week 11:



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