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Civic Education Scheme of work for JSS3 first Term

Civic Education Scheme of work for JSS3 first Term

Civic Education Scheme of work for JSS3 first Term

Below is a scheme of work for Civic Education for the first term of Junior Secondary School 3 (JSS3).

It covers various topics and activities to be conducted throughout the term. Please note that this is just a sample and can be modified to suit the specific curriculum requirements of your school or region.

Subject: Civic Education
Class: JSS3
Term: First Term

Week 1: Introduction to Civic Education

Definition and importance of Civic Education
Roles and responsibilities of a citizen
Citizenship and its attributes

Week 2: Democracy and Good Governance

Meaning of democracy and its principles
Types of democracy
Key features of a democratic government
Importance of good governance

Week 3: Rule of Law

Definition and concept of the rule of law
Importance of the rule of law in society
Characteristics of a society with the rule of law
Examples of countries with strong rule of law

Week 4: Human Rights

Definition and concept of human rights
Fundamental human rights and their importance
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Human rights violations and how to report them

Week 5: National Identity

Meaning and importance of national identity
Symbols and emblems of national identity
Preserving and promoting national identity
Cultural diversity and national identity

Week 6: Citizenship and Leadership

Meaning of citizenship and leadership
Qualities of a good leader
Leadership roles in the community and society
Case studies on effective leaders

Week 7: Civic Responsibilities

Meaning and importance of civic responsibilities
Types of civic responsibilities (voting, paying taxes, community service, etc.)
Promoting civic responsibility in society
Engaging in community service projects

Week 8: Civic Education and the Media

Role of media in democracy and civic education
Types of media (print, broadcast, online)
Media literacy and responsible media consumption
Case studies on media influence and responsibility

Week 9: Public Institutions and Services

Definition and examples of public institutions (police, judiciary, healthcare, etc.)
Roles and responsibilities of public institutions
Accessing public services and citizen's rights
Challenges and solutions in public service delivery

Week 10: Revision and Assessment

Review of all topics covered during the term
Class discussions, quizzes, and group activities
Assessment (written test or project)


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