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How Changing Of Course Can Help You Secure Admission If You Scored Low In 2021 JAMB

The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Computer Based Test (CBT) which was recently written recorded one of the poorest performance since the board introduced the Computer Based Test as most students scored less than 200.

Gaining admission into the institution you chose during JAMB registration has a lot of requirements and in most Federal Institutions the benchmark is 200 in JAMB; this means that if you scored anything less than this, you will not be considered when they start giving admission to suitably qualified candidates.

Another aspect you need to know is that all institutions have departmental cut off mark which is usually released after JAMB examination.

You might score 200 in JAMB and still not be given admission probably because your score is not enough for the course you applied for.

What then is the solution? Just as institutions release departmental cut off mark, JAMB also starts sales of change of course/institution form.

The board is quite aware that some students may not be admitted into the course they applied for, probably because the course is the competitive type so they made it possible for them to change their course to the one that can be gotten easily.

It is very important to consider changing your course if you know that your JAMB score is low and below are some of the ways changing your course can help you secure admission.

1. Changing Your Course Gives You An Edge Over Others During Admission

Imagine two students who scored 220 in JAMB and both applied for Pharmacy at a Federal University like UNIBEN, it is almost impossible for them to be given Pharmacy because the cut off mark for the course is even above 250.

One of them decided to change the course to Biochemistry which is still in the science field, while the other left it and was hoping to get Pharmacy with that score.

The truth is that the one who changed his course to Biochemistry already has an edge over the other person who refused to change his course and don't be surprised that the former will be admitted, while the latter may have to write JAMB the following year.

So if you know you score may not be enough for the course you applied for, I will advice you to get a change of course form once JAMB starts selling it.

2. Changing Your Course Prevents The Institution You Put In JAMB Not To Give You Any Random Course

Most universities still consider some candidates whose JAMB score is not enough for the course they applied for. What they do is to change their course for them and most times the course will be the one you don't even have passion for.

Imagine a student who scored 200 in JAMB and applied for Accounting in an institution like UNIBEN, you might not be given the course you applied for and the institution might change it to an Educational Course you may not like to study, and this will leave you with no choice but to write another JAMB the following year.

So if your JAMB score is low, changing your course may be all you need. In case you are not certain if your JAMB score is enough for the course you applied for, drop your score in the comment section while I assist you.


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