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Finally See Reasons Why "JAMB" Might Sympathize With Students Who Scored Low In 2021 "UTME"

I want us not to hold our breaths yet. I have seen and heard complaints, from mostly applicants, that “JAMB” didn’t do them well this year.

There are just ramblings and rants that “JAMB” intentionally failed almost eighty percent of its applicants. I am humbly on no body’s side here because if my child were to be any of the victims I wouldn’t be happy.

It is true that everyone wants to pass no matter the hurdles. There are certainly barriers that everyone who wants success must leap through.

And that is exactly what differentiates successful people from unsuccessful ones. You can’t only place your success on reading. Most of the failed applicants are saying that their results are unbelievable because they read very well.

I don’t think reading is ever enough to pass any examination. “JAMB” examination is no longer an analog exam, but it is now a digital one. One of the criteria that you would need to pass it is speed. You really need to be fast in answering your questions.

"JAMB” is trying their best based on what I can see. They are seeing to it that the qualified applicants get what they want. Over the years, I have seen them build rules just the way most empires were built.

And their rules could be very easy to abide to. My notice is that only those who obey their gimmicks or rules actually get what they want.

The cut-off mark from JAMB for University applicants every year differs. This is so because the statistics of scores fluctuates.

The scores of this year 2021 seem poor. I think the matriculation body might consider the applicants by reducing the cut-off mark. I want to also plead with them to see to it that most applicants do not get frustrated. The body is meant to cater for the needs of the applicants and not the other way around.


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