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Two reasons JAMB Ought To Apologize To UTME Students Over Mass Failure Recorded

It is so saddening and appalling to hear the unfortunate news that so many students that applied for Jamb failed the exam.

According to the reports, this set of aspiring students' results won't even allow them to sit for a Post UTME exam.

A lot of Universities allow nothing less than the scores of 200 before you will be able to write their PUTME. To think that many of these students didn't even get up to this pass mark score is heartbreaking.

Many parents have invested in their children by taking them to tutorials, seeing them not producing the desired outcome will leave them in a dilemma of not knowing the next course of action.

The mistake Jamb made is not taking into consideration these two key factors before releasing the results to avoid this mass failure.

The Corona Virus Influence On Students

Now a lot of people have been commenting and abusing this set of students for not reading and busy wasting their time on Social Media.

But I want us to do a fact check on the situations in the country during the Covid-19 period, Can Students read when a crisis like that is touring over the World?.

The humanly and educational answer is they cannot read and assimilate anything at that moment in time. According to Jean Piaget Cognitive theory of learning [an educational scholar], students must be allowed to stay in a free and conducive area to be able to ascertain knowledge.

Now, in a situation whereby the environment is disorganized and everyone is in the hullabaloo and panic of a virus swarm, learning targets can never be reached.

Jamb should have considered this in their marking scheme, it's not the fault of anybody. They should have discerned the influence of the virus on Students' mastery of subjects since it's a basic test to examine student's knowledge.

General Upgrade should have been put in place

There is a rule of leniency that guides every basic test been set by a particular organization.

This rule states that there can be a General Upgrade of Students results in circumstances where the majority of students failed woefully.

This upgrade can be done by increasing the student's rating score spontaneously to help create a balance in the rating scale.

As an educational practitioner, I can boldly tell you that the ratio of students that passed and failed can't be placed on a proper ratio scale because General Upgrade has not been put in place.

Well, our heart reach out to all the Jambites students that failed this 2021 exam.

There is always a light after the tunnel, this might be a dark time for them but surely they will get past it.

The deed is done already, when we fall we must pick ourselves up and hope to remain on top.


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