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JAMB 2021 If You Are Writing Science Subjects in UTME, Take Note Of These Three Strategies

As the examination date draws closer, many candidates are studying more and praying for a favourable outcome.

However, there are some other crucial strategies that science students will need to take note in order to perform better in the examination.

Firstly, identify your strength subjects and begin the examination with such subjects. This strategy is crucial because it helps to ease the examination tension and to also manage the time of the examination. For example, a candidate writing Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English Language can decide to start with Biology because it does not contains calculations.

Many students also find it easier to answer Biology questions faster than the other subjects that involves calculations.

The second strategy is to avoid starting with your weak subjects or calculations. This is because subjects with calculations are likely to consume more time than others. In the bid to answer all the forty questions, a lot of time might be wasted. Such candidate might end up rushing the other subjects. In the long run, the candidate might not score a very high mark.

For example, candidate who is writing Mathematics, Physics, English and Biology can take the option of beginning with English and Biology before moving to the subjects that involves calculations.

Starting with Mathematics and Physics might reduce the performance in other subjects. If this strategy is well implemented, a positive outcome is expected. Thirdly, science students should take note of their trigonometry ratios. Those candidates who will be writing Mathematics and Physics need to master the common Trig ratio before the examination date.

This is simply because the calculators available for the examination are not scientific.

Thus, students who need to use scientific functions might find it challenging. It is thus advisable for such candidates to prepare further by taking note of all the necessary trig ratios which might be needed for the examination. With these three strategies discussed, we believed that candidates can take notes of necessary things before the examination date.

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