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7 Topics You Should Read In English Language That JAMB Frequently Ask Questions From

As the Joint Administration and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Computer Based Test (CBT) draws near, all candidates are expected to cover the topics in the four (4) subjects they chose during registration so as to pass their examinations in flying colors, which is a step in pursuing their education in Higher Institution. Due to the fact that we have limited time before the exam starts, I have come up with some topics JAMB frequently ask questions from in English Language. Below are the seven (7) topics: 1. Register

Almost every year, JAMB brings out register and this can come from Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, Telecommunication, Politics, etc. All you are expected to do is to cover these aspects in register so that you can be used to the term(s).

2. Comprehension

For some students they may see one comprehension passage on the day of their examination, while for others they may see two or more. It will be better you study the methods in answering comprehension passages so that you will spend less time when you come across any on the day of your examination.

3. Stress And Emphatic Stress

You are expected to know the various stress pattern in polysyllabic words. For example, polysyllabic words that end in -tion are stressed before the 'tion', that is CommuniCAtion, InforMation, etc.

4. Collocation

This is the characteristic tendency for certain words to go together. For example, 'prefer' collocates with 'to', 'flair' collocates with 'for', 'no sooner' collocates with 'than', etc. You are expected to know the various examples of collocation and how to use them in a sentence.

5. Parts Of Speech And Order Of Adjective

You are expected to know the various forms of verbs and now to use them. Some of the forms of verb are transitive verb, intransitive verb, verb 'B', gerund, etc. In other parts of speech like pronoun, you are also expected to know the subject types of pronouns and when to use them. Other parts of speech you are also expected to know is preposition, adverb, adjective, conjunction, etc. You are also expected to know the order in which adjectives are written in a sentence, which include Determinant, Colour, General, Size, Shape, Age, etc.

6. Oral English As a student, you are expected to know vowel and consonant sounds, monopthongs, diphthongs and triphthongs. Also try and be used to words with similar vowel and consonant sounds also. 7. Subjunctive

You are also expected to know the meaning of subjunctive and examples to like It is high time, it is time, it is about time, I wish, etc. When these group of words are used in a sentence and is followed by a pronoun, the verb tense changes from present to past tense or from past to past- participle. A perfect example is; It is high time WE left for the party, I wish I were you, etc. These are some of the topics you should pay attention to. I hope this was useful?


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