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11 Leaked 2021 PHYSICS Questions And Answers

1.What will happen to the pressure of a gas if its temperature is reduced to -2730C?

A. It will decrease
B. it will drop to zero ✅
C. It will increase
D. It will remain constant

2.A saturated vapour pressure of a liquid increases when the?
A. Temperature of a liquid increases ✅
B. Volume of the liquid increases
C. Volume of the liquid decreases
D. Temperature of the liquid decreases

3.The instrument used to view stars is the
A. Prism binoculars
B. Telescope ✅
C. Film projector
D. Microscope

4.Which of the following is obtained when a magenta is mixed with green colour?
A. Yellow
B. Blue
C. White ✅
D. Red
5.Which of the following electromagnetic waves has the shortest wavelength?
A. Visible Light
B. Ultraviolet rays
C. Infrared rays
D. Gamma rays ✅

6. The heat required to raise a mass of a substance through 1K is known as
A. Specific heat capacity
B. Specific latent heat of vaporization
C. Capacity latent heat of fusion
D. Heat capacity ✅

7. A manometer is an instrument used for measuring
A. Relative density of liquid
B. Pressure in liquids and gases ✅
C. Humidity
D. Atmospheric pressure

8. The relative density of a liquid is the ratio of the?
A. Mass of water to the mass of an equal volume of liquid
B. Upthrust in the liquid to the upthrust in water ✅ C. Density of water to the density of the liquid
D. Upthrust in water to the upthrust in the liquid

9. Dynamo primarily converts?
A. Mechanical energy into electrical energy ✅
B. Electrical energy into kinetic energy
C. Potential energy into kinetic energy
D. Kinetic energy into potential energy

10 Which of the following statements is correct about a machine?
A. Efficiency of a machine is always greater than 1
B. Efficiency decreases with an increase in friction ✅
C. Velocity ratio depends on friction
D. Mechanical advantage increases with an increase in friction
11.The velocity ratio of an inclined plane where angle of inclination in θ is A. Sinθ
B. Cosθ
C. Tanθ
D. 1/sinθ ✅

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