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JAMB Warned Candidates Against This 5 Five Things To Avoid Their Exam Cancellation

On Friday, the exam board made it clear that the invigilators are going to be stricter to candidates who violate the rules. It explained that an invigilator is there to welcome all complaints and ensure credible and transparent exercise. According to the bulletin, some things that must be done under the supervision of the invigilator; 1. Login; before starting the exam, candidates are to provide their Utme registration number only, the invigilator will use it and the general password to complete the process. Once the step is finished, candidates are to start the exam. 2. Faulty computer; often computers do have fault when the examination is ongoing, a candidate is not in the best position to repair. If a candidate is observed that the system is not working well, the attention of the invigilator must be attracted. 3. Leaving the exam hall; a candidate is not allowed to leave the hall 30 minutes after the commencement of the exam. Due to circumstances that may cause it, the attention of the invigilator must be attracted. 4. Misunderstanding; a candidate that has an issue with another person is warned against quarreling in the hall. Instead of that, the invigilator should be informed. 5. Sign out; before submitting the exam, the invigilator is present to help a candidate submit it and sign him/her out.


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