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JAMB 2021 Accurate Steps On How To Successfully Register For UTME And Requirements



1.All Candidates both (UTME/D.E) must possess a valid National Identification Number (NIN) for the procurement of their JAMB 2021 Profile Code.

Text NIN to 55019 using a valid phone number in which the SIM card is been inserted on your phone.

You must ensure that you are having like ₦50 airtime for the JAMB service charge. 

Once the Airtime has been taken, a 10 digits code will be sent to that phone number which happens to be your JAMB profile code, please keep it save as its the first phase of your Registration.

2.Having Secured your 10 digits Profile code, also create a valid email address and password which will be verified by JAMB, this email address and password will be used by you any time, any moment to access your JAMB CAPS once the admission processes commences, checking of payments and others. Etc. 

After that, proceed to any commercial Bank approved by JAMB or Rather Visit JAMB office or Any JAMB accredited centre with ₦3,500 to obtain an Electronic Pin (e-pin) which happens to be your second phase of your registration. Also keep the e-pin saved.

3.After securing your e-pin and your 10 digits Profile code, you can now proceed to JAMB office or any JAMB accredited centre with ₦700 to complete your registration process.

Alongside with ₦500 for the JAMB Literature text which will be given to you once you have successfully registered._ 

N/B: The JAMB board has not given Cyber Cafes licensed to perform the JAMB registration, Cyber Cafes can only assists you during your procurement of profile code and e-pin vending, 

Once you get the following codes from JAMB, please proceed to JAMB office or any JAMB accredited Centre to complete your full registration.

The total amount for JAMB registration has been aggregated to ₦4,700 only

But we all are aware of the sensitivity of Nigerians ,when it comes to the aspect of Money, they raises the money above what is stipulated. For this reason above, please budget a total amount of ₦6,000 only for everything.

Lastly, You must understand that your four JAMB subjects combination must be inline with your desire course, and also ensure that, your institution is offering that course, so that you don't get so frustrated and puzzled.

In the JAMB FORM APPLICATIONS, we have four units designated for institutions.

1. Fill the first choice with a federal University

2. Fill the second choice with a State University or private University

3.Fill the third choice with either a polytechnic school or college

4.Fill the four choice with any college.

Your admission is based on the first choice and not the second choice.


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