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How To Make First Class In Nigerian Universities With Low 100 Level CGPA

How To Make First Class In Nigerian Universities With Low 100 Level CGPA

How To Make First Class In Nigerian Universities With Low 100 Level CGPA

Many Students get discouraged after getting bad results in their First Year of Study. They begin to wonder, can I still make Second class upper division? Yes, it is possible to make Second Class Upper and even First Class in the University after a bad 100 level result.

Most Students get bad grades in their first year of study. Trying to adjust to the system and lots of distractions at higher institutions can land one into terrible grades. The good news is that you have three to fours years to make up if you mess up.

For some Universities, 100 level grades doesn’t decide your fate. In the University of Benin, the first year carries just 10% while the second year is 15% if you are studying a five years course. If you messed up 25% in the first two years, you still have a huge 75% to fight for.

For most schools, the percentage is shared equally from one hundred level to final year. In such Universities, 100 Level carries 20%, 200 Level carries 20%, 300 Level carries 20% and so on.

With either of the grading systems explained above, a bad GPA as a fresher shouldn’t destroy your chance of making 1st class honours or 2:1. You still have the power to decide what you want to graduate with.

For example, if your CGPA is 2.1 in 100 level on a scale of 5.0. With a minimum score of 4.0 from 200 level to 400 or 500 level your second class upper division is sure.

If you are aiming at first-class honours which is a minimum grade of 4.5, it is still achievable with a low hundred level score. If your hundred level CGPA is extremely low then aim for close to 5.0 as from your year two. With a fairly okay first year result, a CGPA around 4.6 from 200 level can land you in first class. This is not in words but in action.

In summary, do not let your year one result force you to give up. It will rather cause you more harm than good. It is better to put in more effort despite your poor result. If you eventually don’t come out with first class, then second class upper is still a very good result.

Conclusively, first class is a good grade. But it is not working losing yourself because you can’t make it. With a second class upper or lower and great skills, you are far better than someone whose first class is just on paper.

Hope you found this helpful? Feel free to let me know how you feel using the comment box and don’t fail to share with others using the share buttons. Good Luck!


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