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SS1 first term store management past questions and answers

SS1 first term store management past questions and answers

Question: What does SS3 stand for in store management?

a) Store System 3
b) Stock and Sales Software
c) Store Structure 3
d) Super Store 3

Answer: b) Stock and Sales Software

Question: In SS3, what function helps track inventory levels and reorder products when they reach a certain threshold?

a) Sales Analytics
b) Inventory Management
c) Customer Relations
d) Marketing Automation

Answer: b) Inventory Management

Question: How does SS3 contribute to improving customer experience?

a) Employee Scheduling
b) Loyalty Programs
c) Equipment Maintenance
d) Office Supplies

Answer: b) Loyalty Programs

Question: What feature in SS3 assists in analyzing sales trends over a specific period?

a) Price Tag Printing
b) Purchase Orders
c) Sales Reports
d) Employee Training

Answer: c) Sales Reports

Question: Which module in SS3 is designed to manage and schedule employee shifts?

a) Payroll Processing
b) Employee Time Clock
c) Task Assignment
d) Shift Planning

Answer: d) Shift Planning

Question: What is the primary purpose of the SS3 "Supplier Management" feature?

a) Employee Onboarding
b) Vendor Relations
c) Customer Feedback
d) Inventory Auditing

Answer: b) Vendor Relations

Question: Which SS3 tool aids in setting and adjusting product prices based on market demand and competition?

a) Price Optimization
b) Product Placement
c) Profit Analysis
d) Point of Sale

Answer: a) Price Optimization

Question: In SS3, what does the acronym POS stand for?

a) Point of Sale
b) Product Ordering System
c) Payment Oversight System
d) Personnel Operations Software

Answer: a) Point of Sale

Question: What function in SS3 helps in preventing stockouts by automatically reordering products?

a) Replenishment System
b) Return Authorization
c) Rack Management
d) Retail Analytics

Answer: a) Replenishment System

Question: Which SS3 feature is essential for managing customer complaints and inquiries?

a) Cash Handling
b) Customer Service Desk
c) Complaint Resolution
d) Card Payment Processing

Answer: b) Customer Service Desk

Question: What is the primary purpose of the SS3 "Promotions Management" module?
a) Employee Training
b) Price Changes
c) Marketing Strategy
d) Product Placement

Answer: c) Marketing Strategy

Question: Which SS3 component assists in monitoring and controlling the movement of goods within the store?
a) Inventory Tracking
b) Order Fulfillment
c) Warehouse Management
d) Shelf Replenishment

Answer: c) Warehouse Management

Question: What SS3 feature helps in managing and processing customer returns?
a) Refund Processing
b) Return Authorization
c) Receipt Printing
d) Reconciliation Reports

Answer: b) Return Authorization

Question: In SS3, what does the term "SKU" refer to?
a) Sales Key Unit
b) Stock Keeping Unit
c) Store Knowledge Update
d) Supplier Key Identifier

Answer: b) Stock Keeping Unit

Question: Which SS3 tool aids in tracking employee sales performance and productivity?
a) Payroll System
b) Sales Analytics
c) Task Management
d) Inventory Control

Answer: b) Sales Analytics

Question: What role does the SS3 "Security and Access Control" feature play in store management?
a) Inventory Auditing
b) Employee Training
c) Loss Prevention
d) Price Tag Printing

Answer: c) Loss Prevention

Question: Which SS3 module is crucial for managing and processing financial transactions?
a) Budget Planning
b) Banking Relations
c) Cash Handling
d) Financial Reporting

Answer: c) Cash Handling

Question: What does the SS3 "Multi-Store Management" feature allow businesses to do?
a) Employee Networking
b) Inventory Consolidation
c) Multi-Location Operations
d) Marketing Collaboration

Answer: c) Multi-Location Operations

Question: In SS3, what is the purpose of the "Analytics Dashboard"?
a) Employee Feedback
b) Real-time Sales Data
c) Task Assignment
d) Customer Surveys

Answer: b) Real-time Sales Data

Question: How does the SS3 "Customer Relationship Management (CRM)" module benefit businesses?
a) Employee Training
b) Inventory Tracking
c) Customer Loyalty
d) Security Management

Answer: c) Customer Loyalty


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