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SS1 first term music Past Questions and Answers

SS1 first term music Past Questions and Answers

Question: Who is often referred to as the "King of Pop"?

A) Prince
B) Michael Jackson
C) Madonna
D) Whitney Houston
Answer: B) Michael Jackson
Question: Which instrument does Yo-Yo Ma play?

A) Violin
B) Cello
C) Trumpet
D) Piano
Answer: B) Cello
Question: Which Beatles album features the iconic cover with the band members walking across a zebra crossing?

A) Abbey Road
B) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
C) The White Album
D) Rubber Soul
Answer: A) Abbey Road
Question: "Like a Rolling Stone" is a song by which legendary artist?

A) Bob Dylan
B) The Rolling Stones
C) Bruce Springsteen
D) Elvis Presley
Answer: A) Bob Dylan
Question: Who is known for the hit song "Purple Haze"?

A) Jimi Hendrix
B) Eric Clapton
C) Jimmy Page
D) Stevie Ray Vaughan
Answer: A) Jimi Hendrix
Question: What is the genre of music associated with artists like Muddy Waters and B.B. King?

A) Jazz
B) Blues
C) Rock
D) Country
Answer: B) Blues
Question: Which female artist released the album "Jagged Little Pill" in the 1990s?

A) Britney Spears
B) Alanis Morissette
C) Shania Twain
D) Whitney Houston
Answer: B) Alanis Morissette
Question: In which decade did hip-hop music emerge?

A) 1970s
B) 1980s
C) 1990s
D) 2000s
Answer: B) 1980s
Question: What is the name of Elvis Presley's home in Memphis, Tennessee?

A) Neverland Ranch
B) Paisley Park
C) Graceland
D) Sun Studio
Answer: C) Graceland
Question: Which rock band is known for the concept album "The Dark Side of the Moon"?

A) Led Zeppelin
B) The Rolling Stones
C) Pink Floyd
D) The Who
Answer: C) Pink Floyd
Question: "Thriller" is a famous album by which artist?

A) Prince
B) Madonna
C) Michael Jackson
D) Whitney Houston
Answer: C) Michael Jackson
Question: What country is reggae music associated with?

A) Jamaica
B) Cuba
C) Brazil
D) Trinidad and Tobago
Answer: A) Jamaica
Question: Who is known as the "Queen of Soul"?

A) Tina Turner
B) Aretha Franklin
C) Diana Ross
D) Gladys Knight
Answer: B) Aretha Franklin
Question: What famous festival in the 1960s is associated with iconic performances by Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin?

A) Woodstock
B) Coachella
C) Glastonbury
D) Monterey Pop Festival
Answer: D) Monterey Pop Festival
Question: Who wrote the song "Imagine"?

A) Elton John
B) John Lennon
C) Paul McCartney
D) George Harrison
Answer: B) John Lennon
Question: What is the main instrument in a traditional mariachi band?

A) Guitar
B) Trumpet
C) Violin
D) Accordion
Answer: C) Violin
Question: "Stairway to Heaven" is a famous song by which rock band?

A) Led Zeppelin
B) The Eagles
C) Queen
D) The Who
Answer: A) Led Zeppelin
Question: Who is the lead vocalist of the band U2?

A) Bono
B) The Edge
C) Adam Clayton
D) Larry Mullen Jr.
Answer: A) Bono
Question: What is the dance associated with the song "Gangnam Style"?

A) Salsa
B) Tango
C) Cha-Cha
D) Horse Dance
Answer: D) Horse Dance
Question: Which jazz trumpeter is often credited with helping to develop bebop alongside Charlie Parker?

A) Louis Armstrong
B) Miles Davis
C) Dizzy Gillespie
D) Chet Baker
Answer: C) Dizzy Gillespie


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