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School of Nursing Bida Past Questions and Answers

School of Nursing Bida Past Questions and Answers

What is the primary purpose of a central venous catheter (CVC) in nursing care?
A) To administer oral medications
B) To provide rapid pain relief
C) To access a large vein for fluids, medications, and blood products (Answer)
D) To monitor vital signs

In nursing, what is the primary function of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)?
A) Regulating healthcare facilities
B) Conducting clinical trials
C) Promoting research and improving healthcare quality (Answer)
D) Licensing healthcare professionals

What is the primary role of a nurse when caring for a patient with a chest tube?
A) Administering antibiotics
B) Monitoring fluid intake
C) Assessing and managing chest tube drainage and suction (Answer)
D) Providing enteral nutrition

What is the recommended technique for performing tracheostomy care for a patient with a tracheostomy tube?
A) Removing the tracheostomy tube for cleaning
B) Cleaning the tracheostomy site and inner cannula with sterile technique (Answer)
C) Applying lotion to the tracheostomy tube
D) Changing the tracheostomy tube daily

What is the purpose of a nursing care plan in patient care?
A) Providing entertainment for patients
B) Promoting early discharges
C) Guiding and documenting individualized patient care (Answer)
D) Reducing nurse-patient interaction

In pediatric nursing, what is the primary responsibility of a school nurse?
A) Conducting health inspections for teachers
B) Administering vaccinations to parents
C) Providing healthcare services to students and promoting their well-being (Answer)
D) Organizing school events

What is the role of the nurse manager in a healthcare facility?
A) Directly administering patient care
B) Overseeing and managing nursing units or departments (Answer)
C) Conducting medical research
D) Implementing infection control protocols

When assessing a patient's level of pain, what does the acronym "PQRST" stand for?
A) Pain, Quality, Rate, Site, Time
B) Provoking factors, Quantity, Radiation, Severity, Timing (Answer)
C) Pulse, Quality, Respiratory rate, Site, Temperature
D) Pallor, Quantity, Respirations, Severity, Type

What is the primary goal of a nurse when caring for a patient with a urinary catheter?
A) Monitoring oxygen levels
B) Ensuring the catheter remains below the bladder
C) Preventing urinary tract infections and ensuring proper drainage (Answer)
D) Administering IV fluids

In nursing, what is the primary purpose of the PERRLA assessment?
A) To assess lung function
B) To evaluate cognitive function
C) To assess pupillary response to light (Pupils Equal, Round, React to Light, Accommodation) (Answer)
D) To measure blood pressure

What is the primary purpose of a spica cast in pediatric nursing?
A) To immobilize a fractured limb (Answer)
B) To facilitate regular movement
C) To increase mobility
D) To promote normal development

In nursing, what is the primary goal of wound debridement?
A) Administering pain relief
B) Removing necrotic tissue and promoting wound healing (Answer)
C) Assessing cardiac function
D) Measuring oxygen levels

What is the recommended method for assessing a patient's pain level when using the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale?
A) Counting the number of body regions in pain
B) Asking the patient to rate their pain on a scale of 1 to 10
C) Having the patient point to the face that best represents their pain level (Answer)
D) Evaluating the patient's ability to perform daily activities

In nursing, what is the primary purpose of a TENS unit?
A) To monitor vital signs
B) To provide breathing support
C) To deliver electrical stimulation for pain relief (Answer)
D) To assess cognitive function

What is the primary purpose of a nursing informatics specialist?
A) Conducting surgical procedures
B) Providing direct patient care
C) Managing and optimizing healthcare information systems (Answer)
D) Administering vaccinations

In pediatric nursing, what is the primary role of a pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP)?
A) Conducting research studies
B) Promoting public health initiatives
C) Providing primary care to children and adolescents (Answer)
D) Administering vaccinations

What is the primary goal of the Nursing Code of Ethics in nursing practice?
A) Reducing healthcare costs
B) Promoting hospital profitability
C) Guiding ethical behavior and patient care (Answer)
D) Administering medications

In nursing care, what is the primary purpose of the "Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation" (SBAR) communication technique?
A) Documenting patient histories
B) Conducting a thorough physical examination
C) Facilitating effective and structured communication among healthcare team members (Answer)
D) Providing patient entertainment

What is the primary goal of the World Health Organization (WHO) in healthcare?
A) Promoting public health
B) Licensing healthcare professionals
C) Conducting research studies
D) Setting international health standards and guidelines (Answer)

When assessing a patient's neurological status, what does the term "Paresis" refer to?
A) Muscle weakness or partial loss of movement (Answer)
B) Altered consciousness
C) Visual disturbances
D) Inability to speak


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