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NABTEB fishery past questions and answers

NABTEB fishery past questions and answers

What is aquaculture?

a) Fishing in freshwater
b) Farming of aquatic organisms
c) Deep-sea fishing
d) Fish conservation
Which of the following is a predator in a typical freshwater ecosystem?

a) Carp
b) Tilapia
c) Pike
d) Catfish
What is overfishing?

a) Sustainable fishing practices
b) Fishing beyond sustainable levels
c) Fishing in designated areas only
d) Fishing using advanced technology
Which fishing gear is known for its environmental impact due to bycatch?

a) Trawling
b) Longlining
c) Handlining
d) Seining
What is the purpose of fish stocking in fisheries management?

a) Boosting natural fish populations
b) Reducing competition among fish
c) Eliminating invasive species
d) Creating artificial habitats
Which factor is crucial for the success of a fishery management plan?

a) Maximum exploitation
b) Adaptive management
c) Ignoring ecosystem dynamics
d) Rapid resource depletion
What is the role of fishery observers?

a) Selling fish at the market
b) Monitoring and recording fishing activities
c) Training fishery workers
d) Designing fishing gear
Which international organization focuses on sustainable fishing practices?

a) WHO (World Health Organization)
b) FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)
c) UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
d) IMF (International Monetary Fund)
What is a fishery exclusion zone?

a) Area where fishing is prohibited
b) Region with excessive fishing
c) Zone with high fish diversity
d) Exclusive fishing rights for a single country
Which is a common method for marking fish for identification in research studies?

a) Microchipping
b) Tagging
c) Painting
d) Genetic modification
What is the term for the process of releasing fish back into the wild after catch?

a) Harvesting
b) Stocking
c) Catch-and-release
d) Aquaculture
What is the main purpose of a fishery management plan?

a) Maximizing short-term profits
b) Promoting overfishing
c) Sustainable resource utilization
d) Ignoring environmental concerns
Which factor contributes to the decline of fish stocks in many fisheries?

a) Climate change
b) Limited fishing efforts
c) Strict regulations
d) Increased marine protection
What is the significance of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act?

a) Encouraging overfishing
b) Managing marine pollution
c) Promoting sustainable fisheries in the U.S.
d) Banning fishing activities
Which fishing method involves using a cone-shaped net to trap fish?

a) Trawling
b) Seining
c) Longlining
d) Jigging
What is the term for the phenomenon where fish populations are genetically altered due to selective fishing?

a) Genetic modification
b) Evolutionary pressure
c) Fish adaptation
d) Aquatic mutation
Which type of fishing is commonly associated with small-scale, artisanal operations?

a) Trawling
b) Longlining
c) Handlining
d) Seining
What is the role of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in fisheries management?

a) Promoting intensive fishing
b) Prohibiting fishing activities
c) Encouraging pollution
d) Supporting overfishing
Which environmental factor is critical for the survival of fish larvae?

a) Deep water
b) High salinity
c) Low temperatures
d) Suitable habitat
What is the concept of Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) in fisheries?

a) Extracting all available fish resources
b) Achieving a balance for continual yield
c) Ignoring ecological limits
d) Rapid depletion of fish stocks


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